5 reasons to ditch your email service provider, and use MailPoet

It’s the new year and now is a great time to organize, plan and prepare for a busy year ahead. One great email solution for your WordPressEnable MailPoet. Unlock possibilities. Get your audience back on your website thanks to emails!Sign up for free

Software Freedom, a Few Thoughts

Last month was Software Freedom Day. Events have taken place around the globe. It’s a pretty low key affair compared to all the scheduled WordCamps. Nonetheless, it’s our time to reflect on free software.  WordPress is perhaps the most tangible example in the last decade of free software for the masses. Our favorite content management system (CMS) is the culmination […]

Sucuri, the Hack, and the Lessons Learned

We believe in an open, safe web. Open means a web without secrets, where communities rule, where nothing is kept hidden, where security vulnerabilities are discovered, fixed and discussed without any fear. Heck, we even believe “Hackers are the internet’s immune system“. Safe means a web where good hackers discovering vulnerabilities can safely get in […]

Baking Success with BuddyPress, and Newsletters

For our latest case study, I decided to reach out to one of our first ever users, Lynn Hill. Her newsletter needs, her site’s success, and her personal profile make her a good example for our readers.   When Lynn set out to start a local cake club, little did she know her initiative would […]