Introducing New MailPoet Plans and Pricing Changes

Illustration by Camille Portales Illustration of a phoenix

On March 1, 2022, we introduced some changes to our current plans, licenses, and pricing structure – the first significant adjustments we’ve made to our pricing since launching MailPoet 3 back in 2017. Our new plans have been designed to more accurately reflect the value users get from MailPoet, as well as offer improved flexibility.

If you’re a MailPoet customer with an active subscription who signed up before March 1, 2022, your plan or license will continue to renew at the current price. It’s only if you decided to sign up, change or upgrade your plan after February 28, 2022, that you’ll be subject to the new pricing tiers.

What’s changed?

At a glance, here are the new MailPoet plans that have been available since March 1, 2022:

Please note that the prices listed in the Creator, Business, and Agency plans are based on the smallest plan size of 500 subscribers – pricing will scale according to the size of your email list.

New MailPoet plans - Starter (from $0/month), Creator (from $8/month), Business (from $10/month) and agency (from $30/month).

If you’re just starting out, a free plan will still be available. Within each of the three paid plan types, pricing will scale according to the number of subscribers you have. You can find full details of each of these plans over on our pricing page.

Plans + Licenses, together as one

Our old pricing structure separated the MailPoet Premium Licenses (Blogger, Freelancer, and Agency) from the MailPoet plans that included sending. Now, we have one, easy-to-understand tier system for all use cases.

The Agency plan has been designed for those who manage MailPoet installations across multiple websites. It’ll allow you to use MailPoet on up to 50 sites and enable you to scale the MailPoet Sending Service – something that was not previously possible. The plan level you choose indicates the number of subscribers allowed on each instance of MailPoet. 

And if you want to use MailPoet without our email sending service (currently available with the Blogger license), the new Creator plan will enable you to do so. You’ll gain access to all of MailPoet’s advanced functionality (more on that next), in addition to utilizing your sending service of choice. Plans scale as your email list grows – now available with monthly payment options.

Functionality and plans designed to scale

If you opt for a Creator, Business, or Agency plan, you’ll have access to MailPoet’s advanced features which include:

  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Detailed engagement statistics
  • Multi-condition subscriber segments, and
  • New advanced features coming in 2022 and beyond!

In addition, Priority Customer Support will be on hand in case you run into any issues or require some assistance.

Unlike our previous plans which have started from the 1,000 subscriber mark, our new paid plans start from 500 subscribers. So if you’ve got a smaller list but send more than 5,000 emails/month, require advanced functionality, or need access to priority support, you can still do so without paying for extra list space. 

For users with large lists, the 70,000 subscriber cap has been lifted! Our new plans can scale up to 200,000 subscribers, and beyond that, you can contact support to discuss pricing. 

A free plan for starting out

We continue to offer a free plan for those who are just starting out or do not require access to advanced functionality and features

The Starter plan enables MailPoet to be used for free under the following conditions:

  • For use on one website
  • A total of 5,000 emails can be sent per month
  • Up to 1,000 subscribers
  • The inclusion of MailPoet branding in emails.

If you opt for the Starter plan, you’ll be able to contact our support team via the forum, and you’ll also have access to our Knowledge Base.

What happens to existing MailPoet users?

All MailPoet customers who had an active subscription prior to March 1, 2022 have been contacted via email about the upcoming changes. For these users, plans and licenses will continue to renew at the old rate and structure. It’s only in the event of a plan change or upgrade that they’ll be subject to the new rates. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, please take a look at our FAQ document. If you need any further assistance, please reach out to Customer Support, who’ll be happy to help.