Anti-Spam Policy

MailPoet provides marketing email delivery services to businesses that follow email marketing best practices and only send solicited emails that recipients explicitly and clearly opt-in to receiving, that they want to receive and engage with.

Prohibited marketing practices

If you’re sending emails through our sending service, it’s required that you have your subscribers’ consent to send them emails, use a double opt-in feature and give your subscribers the option to opt out from your list at any time.

The following types of marketing practices are prohibited, and violations will lead to service suspensions:

  • sending cold marketing emails without the recipient’s prior clear and explicit consent;
  • using purchased or rented email lists, selling or renting email lists;
  • using email lists from another website or service you own without recipients clearly and explicitly opt-ing into such communications, even if the websites or businesses both use MailPoet;
  • failing to include a working “Unsubscribe” link in each email that allows the recipient to remove themselves from his mailing list;
  • failing to comply with any request from a recipient to be removed from his mailing list within 10 days of receipt of the request;
  • using third-party email addresses, domain names, or mail servers without the owner’s explicit permission;
  • sending bulk emails to public or role-based addresses that do not sign up themselves (i.e.: or

Other practices that may lead to deliverability issues and cause your service suspended:

  • sending emails to an unusually high number of addresses that do not exist, typically when sending to a list that’s over a year old;
  • sending emails that recipients will report as spam;
  • failing to include in each email your valid physical mailing address;
  • using unprotected forms on your website that are vulnerable to bot attacks.

Prohibited content

In order to avoid disturbing, questionable, or inappropriate content, MailPoet will not accept to send the following types of content via our own sending service:

Prostitution or escort services (excluding content), Sexually oriented dating services, Pornography
Marijuana/cannabis, including flowers, buds, seeds, Delta-8, Delta-9, and hemp products with greater than 0.3% THC
Sale of personal information or online accounts (e.g., brokerage or rental services of contact/email lists)
Hacking services, malware, and adware
Forgeries (e.g., fake documentation, diplomas, licenses, passports)
Gambling, including fee-based fantasy sports, lotteries/raffles
Multi-level marketing (MLMs)
Counterfeit Goods
Products violating IP rights
Lead generation, work from home, and making money online content
Illegal services (e.g., contract killing, kidnapping, money laundering, human and animal trafficking)
Pharmaceutical products (e.g.; legal drugs and medicine)
Explosives, including fireworks
Firearms or other munitions weaponry, including parts, accessories, ammunition, and casings.
Non-ammunition weapons (e.g., knives, swords, throwing stars)
Hateful conduct
Calls to violence
Clickbait content (e.g., tricks to get rich overnight; tips to lose weight faster; sensationalized content, and misleading information)
Cold marketing emails

If your website content contains any type of the aforementioned prohibited content, MailPoet will suspend email delivery services for your account and reject new subscriptions that may be associated with this type of content.

If you send unsolicited emails or prohibited content

If you’re sending unsolicited emails to your mailing list or prohibited content through our servers, MailPoet reserves the right to:

  1. Pause the sending for your account;
  2. Decline a full refund.

In more severe cases, where we don’t have the collaboration of the user to solve any deliverability or consent issues, we can terminate our services to such users without any refund option.


We expect you to ensure your site, domains, signup, and other forms are secure and follow best security practices to prevent any abuse, breaches, and unauthorized use of the software.
We reserve the right to terminate sending services partially or in full if such uses can be expected or have occurred.

Report to us Spam received from a MailPoet user

If you have received unsolicited emails from a MailPoet user, please notify us at and attach the full message.