Support Policy

This policy clarifies the scope of the MailPoet support team’s responsibilities.

It describes what support you can expect from us in regards to MailPoet free and Premium versions.

Please note MailPoet has minimum requirements that will limit the scope of the support we provide.

Support contact forms are located here.

What Our Support Service Covers

Answering questions about how to use the plugin

The response to general questions about the plugin and how to use it can come in various formats including directing you to an already documented response.

Answering technical questions and fixing issues

We can’t guarantee that our work will be error-free and so we can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages.

This covers the use of our plugin on your site, or the MailPoet team accessing your site to assist you with support.

In many cases, we will need to have administrator access to your WordPress dashboard and may install other plugins to help us troubleshoot.

Support for Free Users

Free users are the ones using the free version of the plugin and/or the free sending plan (free Premium).

MailPoet is not obliged by any means to provide support for our free users. However, support is at the core of our company philosophy and we will gladly provide help for everyone that uses our plugin.

Free users can contact us at the forums.

MailPoet prioritizes Premium users’ requests for help. Questions posted at the Plugins Repository and emails from the free contact form do not have the same priority.

If you are a free user and need a faster answer to your question, please consider buying our Premium version.

Support for Premium users

You’re a Premium user if you have bought a Premium license (Blogger, Freelance or Agency) or subscribed to one of our paid sending plans.

We work hard to answer you faster than the 48 hours promised on weekdays during normal office hours.

Our Premium support team does everything possible to ensure that MailPoet works as promised.

Versions Supported

As part of the support and troubleshooting process, updating the to latest version often resolves any problems so we do recommend this initially.

At MailPoet, we offer support when your site is using the latest release, or the previous two before that. This is often called L-2 or “Latest minus two versions”, where the version number is in the format of x.y.z – we focus on the second then first number.

For example, if the current version of MailPoet is 3.89.z then the oldest MailPoet version we support is 3.87.z.

What Our Support Does Not Cover

MailPoet reserves the right to NOT PROVIDE support for:

  • Modified versions of the plugin;
  • Code customization, like custom shortcodes;
  • Set up SPF and DKIM DNS records;
  • Create cron jobs;
  • Provide custom style modifications (CSS styles) for subscription Forms;
  • Further diagnosis of plugin malfunction on the user’s server;
  • Fixing theme or plugin conflicts;
  • Manually cleaning your site of any malware;
  • Migrate your MailPoet database from one domain to another.

If you want to hire someone to help you with customization, we suggest the fine people at (affiliate link).

Also, we do not give general WordPress support. You can find resources and answers around WordPress in the forums

Theme and Plugins Conflicts

Some badly coded Themes and Plugins conflict with MailPoet, making it partially or entirely unstable. In these cases, the solution is to change the theme or deactivate the plugin generating the conflict.

We will always suggest you get in touch with this plugin’s author to ask for a fix.

Third-Party Plugins Compatible with MailPoet

We have a list of plugins that are compatible with MailPoet. However, we are not responsible for their functionalities, conflicts or maintenance.

Each one is supported by their respective authors.

In all these cases, MailPoet Support Team can try to fix it for you, but we won’t promise a solution.

Feature Requests

We are aware that MailPoet is a nice plugin, but we can always improve it even further. That’s why we love to hear your ideas, feedback, and new feature requests. The best place to share your ideas is on our dedicated feedback board.

However, our team of developers is a small one. Trust us to assign priority to new features. If the idea is good and will benefit lots of users, we will highly consider it!