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Deliver the Content Your Subscribers Really Want with Email List Segmentation

Did you know that email recipients are 75% more likely to click on emails from segmented campaigns than non-segmented campaigns? Use list segmentation in MailPoet to improve your email marketing stats and your subscribers’ experience.

illustration of MailPoet's email list segmentation

Segment Your Lists and Start Sending Tailored Emails.

illustration of MailPoet's behaviour based email list segmentation options

Behavior-Based Segmentation

Use behavior data gathered from your sent campaigns to automatically create a new segment of your list. Send to those who did/did not open one of your sent email campaigns, or send a personalized message to subscribers who clicked on a specific link; all generated automatically in MailPoet.

illustration of MailPoet's WooCommerce email list segmentation options

WooCommerce Specific Segments

Run a WooCommerce store? Automatically create targeted campaigns based on purchase behavior! Send a personalized email based on the product or category your customer purchased from, the number of orders they’ve made, the total spent, their country, or if they have an active subscription or membership.

Excellent plugin!
I’ve been using the premium version of MailPoet for the past 6 years and I used the free version for a year or so before that. It has always worked wonderfully and the support is excellent. Highly recommend it! @kate7777-1

Illustration of MailPoet's unlimited lists

Unlimited Lists

If you have a specific segment in mind that’s niche to your business, why not create your own list for them? There’s no limit to the number of lists you can have in MailPoet, so you can segment as much as you like!

illustration of email list segmentation in signup forms

Start Segmenting From the Outset

Add your list segments to your list subscription forms and start delivering tailored content from the outset. Give subscribers a choice on how often they’d like to receive your newsletters or break up your communications based on interest.

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Emails Delivered on Time, Every Time

Our expert delivery team constantly monitors MailPoet’s deliverability rates, reacting quickly to ensure your emails are always delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes. Enjoy high open rates with our unmatched deliverability.

Read more about our Advanced Delivery Infrastructure

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Compliant with GDPR

It’s understandable to be concerned about the EU privacy laws in relation to your email marketing efforts; it’s serious business. MailPoet makes it easy for you to ensure that you’re maintaining GDPR compliance, as all of our features have been designed with this in mind.

Read our GDPR policy

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Help is On-Hand

Our team of friendly experts are on-hand to help with any questions or problems you encounter while using MailPoet. Or if you’d prefer, you can use our ever-expanding Knowledge Base to find the information you need yourself. 

Visit our knowledge base

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Flexible Plans, Starting at Zero

You can start using MailPoet for free! Our Starter plan is free of charge for those with 1,000 subscribers or fewer. Got a larger list or need advanced functionality? No problem! We have flexible plans for everyone. 

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Switching From Another Email Solution?

If you’re already using email elsewhere and want to make the move to MailPoet, it’s easy to switch—just import your subscribers from a CSV file and you’ll be set up in minutes.

Using MailChimp? Import your subscribers into MailPoet in just a few minutes.

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