MailPoet + WooCommerce

Better understand your customers and send the right emails at every step of the customer journey, from send to sale.


The Best WooCommerce Email Plugin

MailPoet automatically creates a list of all your customers—including those with guest accounts—so you can start sending hyper-relevant content that brings shoppers back to your store.

Catch Customers at Checkout

Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter at checkout. In just a few clicks, you can add a GDPR-friendly sign-up form to your WooCommerce checkout page to collect emails and drive repeat purchases.

Powerful Automation That Drives Sales

Send personalized recommendations to customers based on their previous purchases, including specific products and categories. Don’t leave money on the table thanks to cart abandonment recovery. Every time a customer shops your WooCommerce store, turn that data into automated emails that are super relevant and timely.

Get Smart with Segmentation

Segment your customers based on their buying habits, including what they’ve previously bought and when. With segmentation and automation, you can anticipate what your users want—and always be one step ahead.


MailPoet + WooCommerce = Better Together

Enjoy everything in one place, right in your WordPress dashboard. Easily add products from your WooCommerce store directly into your emails and create email campaigns and newsletters that make you more money.