We Are MailPoet

It wasn’t all that long ago that email for WordPress was—let’s face it—a disaster.  It was difficult to use and slow, not to mention unreliable. Which is why so many site owners ditched the WordPress admin and sought out third-party solutions.

So we decided to do something about it. In 2011, we founded MailPoet in France. Our mission was simple: we wanted to put email back into the hands of site owners. We wanted to build a simple, intuitive, and rock-solid solution for WordPress that people could use to create beautiful emails and rely on to deliver their emails on time, every time.

And we did it. Now in our 8th year, MailPoet is stronger than ever. More than 8,000 customers trust MailPoet to power email for 300,000 WordPress websites. From small businesses that send weekly newsletters, to large companies and WooCommerce stores that send emails to tens of thousands of users, MailPoet makes email happen.

We’ve proven that email for WordPress can work—because we made it work. Our stellar deliverability rate, thanks to the MailPoet Sending Service, now matches and often exceeds the industry standards set by the world’s top email companies.

But we’re not done yet. We’re always listening to customer feedback and continuously improving our service. Our team is made up of perfectionists and pragmatists, and brainiacs who somehow have a knack for popularizing the utterly complex (and others who we think may have been created in a lab…). Together, with our 30 years of combined experience, our number one focus is providing outstanding email for WordPress.

Curious to know more? Listen to this interview of a co-founder.

See the faces behind the email geekery

We’re talented, passionate, and love helping our customers (and each other!) because your success means everything to us.

Not Asian. Not a girl. I’m a mix of many white folks, so it’s hard to see my chameleon background. At MailPoet, I’m everything in between Executive Assistant and CEO. My passions lie in the product and human beings. At home, I love cooking fancy dishes and eating fast food outside. One of my many contradictions.
Making lives of others easier with software is the name of my game. I enjoy building stuff, so I’m always fiddling with new languages or technologies, be it UNIX, Scala or Arduino.
I am a developer with more than 10 years experience. I am a father of 2 lovely children. In my rare spare time, I like to listen to a good audiobook or podcast.
Math was my favorite at school. Challenging problems are fun. Efficient algorithms are my gun. High quality code is my tool. Automating every task is my goal.
BrunaCustomer Support
Originally from Brazil, currently living in Italy, and always helping customers from around the world. I started my WordPress journey as a blogger, began designing blogs and now help users with the MailPoet plugin.
RodrigoDevOps Engineer
Automate everything! If not, enjoy the manual steps. An eternal beginner surfer that never loses hope to one day ride a tube.
JackCustomer Support
From London, England. Helping WordPress users from the around world for 5+ years.In my spare time I build software and write.
I am a full stack developer with focus on PHP and JS. I strive to write a clean code. I am also a father and I love running in the nature.
A programmer-perfectionist with passion for simplicity and design. Mountain enthusiast, occasional trail runner, and eternal tiger lover.
QuentinProduct Manager
I’m the perfectionist UX guy who wants every implementation to be pixel perfect. I love talking with MailPoet’s users and make our 300k users happier!
Helping journalists, marketers and businesses to reach out to the internet since 2000. My hobbies change too often to be described, I go with the flow in that respect.
A programmer focused on front-end. In process of visiting every country in the world. And doing lots of sports at the same time.
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