How We Reached 10,000 Monthly Active Senders

Over 10,000 WordPress websites are now relying on MailPoet to send their emails. They either have small lists of a few hundred subscribers or they are larger senders with lists of 100,000 or more. This milestone was reached thanks to a 50% increase in our user base in the last 12 months. Fun fact: forty […]

Ditch your SMTP plugin! MailPoet now sends transactional emails

You can uninstall your WordPress SMTP plugin. Yes, you read that right!  This may sound like we’re ignoring our own advice on why you need an SMTP plugin, but I promise it’s for good reason, because…  We’re very excited to announce that MailPoet has released its own version of an SMTP plugin which handles the […]

MailPoet’s 2019 Product Journey

Phew! 2019 was quite the busy year. In this post, I’ll recap the past 12 months of the MailPoet product journey. We mixed up our product development between planned tasks, and less expected ones, often related to email abuse. Weeds sparse the plush fields of email. Our overarching feeling is that we ended the year […]

WP Mail Logging Is Now Maintained by MailPoet

We’re happy to announce that MailPoet has taken ownership of WP Mail Logging and will maintain it from now on. This no-frills and free plugin allows website owners to log emails that their WordPress sends. It’s a practical tool to diagnose sending issues or if you just want to make sure at any time that […]

We’re Adopting Gutenberg. Here’s Why

Our future form editor is going to be in Gutenberg, also known as the Block Editor.  In fact, we’ve already started working with it (screenshot below) and we hope to release a first version by the end of 2019. In the near future, our email designer will also go down that route. More on that […]

Why We Release Every Week, or Continuous Delivery Explained

Every Tuesday we release a new version of MailPoet, our email plugin for WordPress. Our team of 7 developers, a quality assurance person, and a product manager has been committed to this frequency since 2016. Some users may wonder why we release so often, and if it’s related to our team fixing bugs all the […]