New Automation Analytics: Elevate Your Email Marketing Intelligence!

We’re thrilled to introduce a new addition to Automations to help you understand and optimize your customer journeys: Analytics! 🚀 Automation is at the heart of creating seamless, personalized experiences for your audience. With our powerful Automation Editor, you’ve already been able to craft workflows that nurture and engage your contacts. But now, we’re taking […]

Introducing Powerful New Features for Automations

Hi everyone 👋 Since we launched Automations last November, we’ve been working hard to bring you some awesome new features that will take your automations to the next level. 1. Abandoned Cart and Order Status Change Triggers: You can now kick-start automations when a customer abandons their cart or when there’s a change in order […]

New subscriber segments for more targeted email campaigns

Hi Poets! In the last two months, we rolled out new subscriber segmentation options to help you run targeted and personalized campaigns based on how people engage with your business. If you’re in the commerce game, we’ve introduced new options based on single order value, average order value, purchase date, and used payment method. Reward […]

MailPoet on

Hello, merchants 🛒 We have some good news! You can now sign up for a MailPoet plan also on Use your existing or account and payment details to make the checkout faster. You’ll have the option to choose between two plans – Starter and Business. The Starter plan is perfect if you […]

Check out MailPoet’s new Home page

Hey there 👋 We’re excited to announce the new MailPoet Home page! We designed it to help new users get started quickly while also providing valuable resources for existing users. For new users, we’ve included easy-to-follow instructions for setting up MailPoet and getting started with your first email campaign. Plus, we’ve highlighted our recommended features […]

​​Towards more accessible email

Heya 🤠 A quick update on three minor but, for some, essential accessibility improvements. Firstly, our built-in CAPTCHA now comes with an audio fallback to provide an alternative way for visually impaired users to complete the verification process without relying on visual cues. Secondly, MailPoet uses your site’s language in emails (in <html lang=””> ) […]