New Automation Analytics: Elevate Your Email Marketing Intelligence!

We’re thrilled to introduce a new addition to Automations to help you understand and optimize your customer journeys: Analytics! 🚀

Automation is at the heart of creating seamless, personalized experiences for your audience. With our powerful Automation Editor, you’ve already been able to craft workflows that nurture and engage your contacts. But now, we’re taking your capabilities to the next level by providing you with in-depth insights into every step of those automations.

Automation analytics overview

What Automation Analytics brings to the table

1. Visual Journey Mapping: Gain a holistic view of your automation’s performance with an intuitive visual representation. See the exact number of contacts at each step, understand completion rates between steps, and identify potential bottlenecks that might need your attention.

Automation flow with added analytics

2. Email Performance Breakdown: Dive deep into the effectiveness of every email in your automation. Track open and click rates to gauge engagement, monitor the number of orders triggered by each email, and measure the revenue generated. Keep a close eye on unsubscribes to fine-tune your content and strategy.

List of emails in the automation with detailed analytics

3. Revenue-Driven Insights: Uncover the direct impact of your automations on your bottom line. Explore the Orders section to dissect each purchase, learn who made it, what products were involved, which email spurred the action, and the overall revenue generated. These insights turn automation into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

List of orders made through automation with detailed analytics

4. Subscribers’ Journey Overview: Understand exactly where each subscriber stands in your automation. Track their progress, know their status, and get a real-time glimpse of their position in the journey. This level of visibility empowers you to make timely decisions to enhance their experience.

List of all subscribers who entered the automation

Why Automation Analytics?

Your success is our priority, and data-driven decision-making is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. With Automation Analytics, you’ll unlock the ability to:

  1. Identify high-performing and underperforming segments of your automation.
  2. Fine-tune your emails based on real engagement metrics and revenue impact.
  3. Optimize your customer journeys to boost completion rates and drive conversions.
  4. Get a comprehensive overview of subscriber behavior, aiding in precision targeting.
  5. Maximize your automation’s ROI and create more effective campaigns.

Thank you for choosing MailPoet as your partner in email marketing success. We’re excited to see how Automation Analytics transforms your strategies and delivers exceptional results. More Automation features coming up in autumn. Stay tuned and share your feedback at

To your automation success!