Check out MailPoet’s new Home page

Hey there 👋 We’re excited to announce the new MailPoet Home page! We designed it to help new users get started quickly while also providing valuable resources for existing users. For new users, we’ve included easy-to-follow instructions for setting up MailPoet and getting started with your first email campaign. Plus, we’ve highlighted our recommended features […]

​​Towards more accessible email

Heya 🤠 A quick update on three minor but, for some, essential accessibility improvements. Firstly, our built-in CAPTCHA now comes with an audio fallback to provide an alternative way for visually impaired users to complete the verification process without relying on visual cues. Secondly, MailPoet uses your site’s language in emails (in <html lang=””> ) […]

Old, but new! Improved confirmation emails and the Manage Subscription page

Today, we’d like to introduce two recent improvements you’ve been asking for. Firstly, you can now design your subscription confirmation emails with the drag & drop email editor you’re already using for other emails. You can enable the new confirmation emails for your site in MailPoet > Settings > Sign-Up Confirmation > Enable visual subscription […]

Introducing a new way to automate your marketing

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. One of our goals for the new year is to share MailPoet updates on a more regular basis. We spent a good chunk of this year working on a new way of running sophisticated email marketing automations. We launched Automations in beta last month and while […]

MailPoet 2 is Being Retired: What You Need to Know

Following the launch of MailPoet 3 in September 2017, work on the previous MailPoet 2 plugin has been limited to security updates and maintenance of the cron service (used for scheduling email sending). But the time has now come to say goodbye to our old friend, and on July 31, 2022, we will be discontinuing […]

Introducing New MailPoet Plans and Pricing Changes

On March 1, 2022, we introduced some changes to our current plans, licenses, and pricing structure – the first significant adjustments we’ve made to our pricing since launching MailPoet 3 back in 2017. Our new plans have been designed to more accurately reflect the value users get from MailPoet, as well as offer improved flexibility. […]