Improve Your Email Campaigns with New MailPoet List Segmentation Options

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A personalized experience can go a long way. From fitness plans tailored to your health and lifestyle to custom meal kits to products with your name on them – we love feeling like something has been created for us. And the same goes for email campaigns that have been personalized according to subscriber interest or activity using segmentation.

According to Campaign Monitor, marketers who use segmentation in their campaigns have noted highs of a 760% increase in revenue. And the folks at HelpScout have reported that segmented email campaigns see 30% more opens and 50% more click-throughs than untargeted campaigns.

Those numbers certainly aren’t to be sniffed at, so if you aren’t already segmenting your email list, it’s well worth looking into! 

At MailPoet, we’ve recently introduced new and improved segmentation options so that you can tailor your email campaigns even further; creating a highly personalized and targetted experience for your subscribers. 

The segmentation options included in MailPoet are as follows:





* Existing segmentation options available prior to this update.

You can use these options individually, or combine them to create more complex segments of subscribers. Note that the ability to combine segments (multi-condition segmentation) is an advanced MailPoet feature that’s only available in our Business, Creator, and Agency plans.

To get started, head to your MailPoet plugin in your WordPress dashboard, navigate to ‘Lists’, and then select ‘+ New Segment’. You’ll then be able to start building your segmentation criteria.

In need of some inspiration on how to use these segments? Keep reading!

How to use the new segmentation options in MailPoet

There are a multitude of different ways you can use segmentation to create a personalized experience for your subscribers – especially when you start combining segments!

Every business will have a different use case for segmentation, but the following overview will hopefully get your creative juices flowing as to how you can use these options to start personalizing your email campaigns.

Number of email opens

Using this segment, you’ll be able to create email campaigns according to your subscribers’ engagement (or lack of) with your previous emails. 

Specify whether you want to segment by more or less than a set number of email opens within a specific time frame to start building your segment, and you’ll see a handy subscriber total to give you an indication of how many people fit that criteria. 

Segment by number of email opens in MailPoet

This option is perfect for re-engagement campaigns (send to those who have not opened many of your emails within the last few months with messaging enticing them to come back, or an offer to remove them from your list), rewarding loyal readers (try offering a coupon or an exclusive piece of content to those who have opened the vast majority of your emails as a thank you), or to remind/follow up on a specific action you were asking readers to take in one of your previous campaigns. 

This email segment can be used in a similar way to ‘Number of email opens’, but enables you to drill down to those who are more actively engaged with your campaigns by segmenting subscribers who have clicked a content link in any of your previous emails. What do we mean by a content link? That’s any link you’ve actively added to your email campaigns, and not those that are added automatically (‘Unsubscribe’, ‘View in Browser’, or ‘Manage Subscription’).

Segment by clicked on any email link in MailPoet

You can combine with the ‘Number of email opens’ segment to send to the subscribers who have both opened and clicked a link in one or more of your emails. 

Subscribe date

This segment enables you to send to your subscribers according to when they joined your mailing list. Choose from before/after a specific date, or within / not within a set number of days. 

Segment by subscribe date in MailPoet

This is a really flexible segment that you can use in a lot of different ways. Maybe you’ve recently launched an additional newsletter that you’d like to make your early subscribers aware of? Or perhaps you’d like to share some existing content with those who have joined your mailing list more recently? The subscribe date segment will give you the power to do this!

Combining with other segments will enable you to get super specific with your targeting.

MailPoet custom fields

When you create a MailPoet signup form, you have the option to add custom form fields so that you can capture any additional information you require from your subscribers. The MailPoet custom fields segment enables you to tailor your emails according to the information your subscribers enter.

If you’d like to personalize your email communications according to where your subscribers are based, you might consider adding a ‘city’ or ‘country’ field to your form, and then use segmentation to deliver them relevant information according to their location.

Segment by MailPoet custom form fields

If your email newsletter content covers a lot of different topics, another idea is to ask your subscribers what they’re most interested in hearing about, so that you can segment by interest. Deliver dedicated emails for each topic, and watch your engagement rates soar!

Number of orders (WooCommerce)

This segmentation option is perfect for rewarding loyal customers, and re-engaging those who have not yet made multiple purchases. 

Segment by number of WooCommerce orders in MailPoet

Choose from ‘more than’, ‘equal to’, and ‘less than’ a set number of orders within a specific time frame to build a segment of customers you can create tailored messaging for. 

Reward those who keep coming back to your store with a discount or an exclusive look at an upcoming product range you’re launching. And for those who haven’t purchased again, reach out to them with a feedback request, or highlight any recent changes you’ve made to your stock or delivery costs, for example. 

Total spent (WooCommerce)

You can use this segment in a similar way to ‘number of orders’, but it’ll allow you to get way more specific with your targeting. Again you can specify ‘more than’, ‘equal to’, and ‘less than’ values within a specific time frame, but this time it’s centered around total customer spend.

Get even more targeted by combining with other segments such as ‘Number of orders’ or ‘Purchased in this category’ to drill down to specific customer behaviors.

Segment by total spent (WooCommerce) in MailPoet

Customer country (WooCommerce)

Deliver location-based emails to your customers using the Customer country segment. This option is perfect for promoting country-specific updates to your customers. 

For example, if you’re running a free shipping promotion that’s only available in Germany, you can use this option to only promote this offer to customers based in Germany – there’s nothing more frustrating than receiving details of a special offer to then find out you’re not eligible for it! 

Or why not combine with segments such as ‘Purchased this product’ or ‘Purchased in this category’ to let your customers know about country-specific offers or product launches based on their purchase history?

Has an active subscription (WooCommerce Subscriptions)

If you offer product subscriptions using WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can use this segmentation option to directly contact customers who have an active subscription with your store. 

This is a really handy way to let your subscribers know about new products, promote special offers, inform of changes to their subscription, and more. 

If your subscription model is based around offering digital goods, such as whitepapers, reports, or any other digital content, you could also use MailPoet to deliver this content to your subscribers. 

You could even start monetizing your email content by creating a paid newsletter subscription! These are a great way to earn monthly recurring revenue. For more information, check out our how-to guide

We hope you enjoy using the new segmentation options in MailPoet! Remember, if you’ve signed up for a plan with advanced functionality, you can combine segments to make your marketing messaging even more personal.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve been using segmentation to personalize your email marketing campaigns!