Sending WordPress Emails: Everything You Need to Know

Are you struggling with how WordPress sends email? Maybe your site’s basic transactional emails for notifications aren’t sending, or maybe you want a way to make WordPress send email for marketing uses or newsletters? By default, WordPress sends emails using the wp_mail function, which is based on PHP mail. While this method kind of works […]

Update: 10 Best WordPress Email Plugins Compared in 2021 (Most Are Free)

Looking for the best WordPress email plugin to level up your business? The core WordPress software does a lot of things well, but email isn’t one of them. If you want to grow an email list, send emails to your subscribers, or even just make your WordPress site’s basic transactional emails more reliable, you’ll need […]

The Ultimate Guide to Opt-In Bonuses

If you’ve read a few articles about email marketing, you’ve probably encountered the idea of creating an opt-in bonus. But what is an opt-in bonus? How can you create one suitable for your audience? Are opt-in bonuses even effective? In this guide, I’ll explore: What an opt-in bonus/lead magnet is Types of opt-in bonuses How […]

WordPress Autoresponders: Why You Need Them + How to Create Them (in 6 steps)

The greatest thing about running an online business is the ability to build client relationships and make money when you’re not at work. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating a system of WordPress autoresponders. A WordPress autoresponder is an automated email sent out when someone performs a specific action […]

Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Why and How to Use Them on WordPress

Trying to decide whether an exit-intent pop-up is right for your website and, if so, how you can get started? Like other types of opt-in pop-ups, exit-intent pop-ups can be a somewhat divisive topic. Some people love them for their conversion-boosting properties, while some other people find them a bit annoying. Where does the truth […]

Improve Your Signup: Welcome Email – Part 3

In the final part of this series, we’ll take a look at the welcome email, or a message that comes at the end of the signup confirmation process. Welcome emails are an automated email type that are triggered to send after someone confirms they’d like to be signed up to your list. In MailPoet, these […]