6 Best Practices for Effective WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

The most successful businesses in the world are the ones that cultivate long-term relationships with their customers. If you run an e-commerce store on WordPress, WooCommerce follow up emails are one of the best ways to do this. WooCommerce follow up emails are automated messages sent to customers after they perform a certain action. Some […]

How to Use First Purchase Emails to Create Loyal Customers [Examples]

When working toward the long-term success of a company, building a loyal customer base is far better than using the slash-and-burn sales method. It’s much easier, and economical to run a business that encourages repeat buyers, rather than a business focused on making a single sale and then moving on to the next prospect. The […]

10+ Top WooCommerce Email Marketing Tips & Strategies

In this article, I’ll share some of the top WooCommerce email marketing tips for small (and large) businesses. Email marketing is one of the most important marketing channels for a WooCommerce business. It plays a vital role at various stages of the customer lifecycle, including new user acquisition (welcome emails), user engagement (seasonal sales), and […]

Introducing MailPoet’s WooCommerce Email Customizer

Ever wished you could edit your WooCommerce store emails? Now you can! Our new WooCommerce email customizer allows you to change the style of the template used for the order and shipping notification emails your store sends. 🎉 In this post, I’ll be showing you how to make the most out of this new feature. […]

Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices

Cart abandonment emails can be highly effective at drawing customers back to your WooCommerce store… if they’re done well! In this post, I’m taking a look at the best practices for abandoned cart emails, to help you woo customers back to finish their purchase and recover that lost revenue. If you’re new to the concept […]

How to Fix Issues with WooCommerce Email Not Sending

Are you having problems with WooCommerce email not sending? Unfortunately, it’s a common yet frustrating issue for store owners—but also one that can be easily fixed. When your emails stop working, not only does it affect your customers (“Is my order on its way? I didn’t get a shipping confirmation!”) but it can also impact […]