Jilt Alternative: How to Migrate Jilt to MailPoet for Ecommerce Email Marketing

Searching for a Jilt alternative now that you’ve heard the news that Jilt is shutting down on April 30, 2022? Jilt is a great tool for eCommerce email marketing. But the fact that the Jilt team is permanently shutting down the service at the beginning of 2022 means that you’re going to need to find […]

How to Send WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails in MailPoet + Best Practices

The average cart abandonment rate is just over 75% across all industries. That means you could be losing as many as seven out of every ten users who put items in their shopping cart. After all of the work it took to get them there in the first place, this is a massive loss. And […]

How Many Marketing Emails Should You Send for Your WooCommerce Store?

One of the most difficult things for business owners to figure out is how often to send marketing emails. There are so many factors to consider: your industry, your audience, and the types of content you send via email are just some of the factors that can impact the ideal frequency of marketing emails.  In […]

The Ultimate Guide to Opt-In Bonuses

If you’ve read a few articles about email marketing, you’ve probably encountered the idea of creating an opt-in bonus. But what is an opt-in bonus? How can you create one suitable for your audience? Are opt-in bonuses even effective? In this guide, I’ll explore: What an opt-in bonus/lead magnet is Types of opt-in bonuses How […]

How to Ask for Customer Feedback by Email: A Beginner’s Guide

Customer reviews tell visitors that they can trust your brand. They can also help you understand what to emphasize in your marketing or even how to improve your products and services. This makes it essential to learn how to ask for customer feedback by email. In this guide, I’ll explore the ins and outs of […]

Mobile Ecommerce Email Marketing: 10 Tips for Increasing Conversions

As a modern business owner, you know it’s essential to have an online presence and a strong email list. But have you ever considered what your email marketing campaigns look like on mobile devices? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. This guide will help you understand mobile ecommerce email […]