A Fresh New Look for MailPoet

Illustration by Mary Delaney illustration of a friendly snake shedding its skin

It’s been 3 years since the launch of MailPoet 3, and in that time we’ve focused our efforts on improving existing features and adding a whole bunch of new ones

Our users can now take advantage of features such as a WooCommerce email customizer, transactional email sending, automated WooCommerce emails, and a variety of different signup form types, amongst many other improvements.

But despite these improvements, we felt there was still something lacking in the MailPoet plugin – the design and user experience. It’s all well and good having these great new features, but if the experience of using them is poor, then those features are, well, not so great after all.

So this year, we decided to treat ourselves and our users to a refreshed look and better experience using MailPoet. We’ve been making iterative updates over the past few months, and today I’m pleased to announce that these are now complete! 

Behind the new look

One of the biggest decisions we had to make as a team before embarking on the redesign project was whether we should try and stick as closely as possible to WordPress’ user interface (like we had done before), or try something new. 

The WordPress admin’s UI has stayed largely the same since version 3.8, which was released in 2013. And even then, it didn’t stray too far away from its previous look. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress’ UI is relatively clean and uncluttered, but it isn’t exactly pretty, is it?!

The team were pretty divided on this issue, with some favouring the familiarity of the WordPress look, and others eager to inject a more modern and MailPoet branded feel to the plugin.

So where did we end up? I’d say somewhere in the middle. 

Excessive use of grey was ditched in favor of clean and crisp white backgrounds.

Life has been added with pops of colour in MailPoet oranges and blues.


Old design of stats page in MailPoet


New design of stats page in MailPoet

And here’s our email stats page in action on a mobile device:

Mobile version of the stats page in MailPoet

And the user interface has been greatly improved with clearer signposting.

We haven’t completely strayed away from WordPress’ design elements, though. A conscious decision was made to retain much of the interface logic WordPress uses, so that there’d be an element of familiarity for our users.

For example, in our email editor, we’ve adopted the same ‘Preview’ button design and placement as you’d see when you create a new post or page in WordPress.

New design of email editor in MailPoet

And our Settings page also has the same logic as the WordPress admin applied:

New design of settings page in MailPoet

The final result

Using MailPoet is now a much easier and cleaner experience. The new look is fresh, modern, and professional, with the nods to WordPress’s user interface adding familiarity and ease of use. Not to mention that insured page loading speeds to be more optimal than ever.

The whole team is now really proud of how MailPoet looks and functions. And you, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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