Ditch your SMTP plugin! MailPoet now sends transactional emails

Illustration by Mary Delaney

You can uninstall your WordPress SMTP plugin. Yes, you read that right! 

This may sound like we’re ignoring our own advice on why you need an SMTP plugin, but I promise it’s for good reason, because… 

We’re very excited to announce that MailPoet has released its own version of an SMTP plugin which handles the sending of all WordPress and WooCommerce transactional emails 🎉 

What are transactional emails, and why are they important?

Transactional emails are the emails sent out by WordPress or WooCommerce which often contain critical information for your customers or registered users. 

These emails include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Order confirmation
  • Password reset information
  • Contact form submissions 
  • New user notifications

Not receiving these emails could cause a whole heap of trouble for both you and your users or customers. 

For example, imagine ordering a new bag from an online store and never receiving an order confirmation or shipping notification, but the money leaving your account. You’d think twice about shopping there again, right? 

Unfortunately, this can happen all too often when you rely solely on WordPress to dispatch these emails. 

Unlike your newsletters or marketing automation emails, WordPress and WooCommerce use your web host to send all of these transaction emails by default. And as we explored in this article, this can lead to a number of deliverability issues. 

We have therefore always recommended using an additional plugin (such as SendGridEasy WP SMTP or WP Mail SMTP) to handle the sending of your WordPress and WooCommerce emails. 

Until now… 

Introducing MailPoet’s SMTP solution 

MailPoet can now send all of your WordPress and WooCommerce transactional emails, without the need for an extra plugin 🤩

By activating this feature you’ll no longer be at the mercy of your host’s sending reputation; improving the chances of your emails ending up in the inbox and not the spam box! 

And set up is easy. In your WordPress dashboard head to MailPoet > Settings > Advanced and toggle to MailPoet’s active sending method (recommended). 

Set MailPoet as the active sending method for transactional emails

Then, if you have an SMTP plugin installed, you can uninstall it, sit back, and relax ☕️ 

Your transactional emails will automatically be sent with your selected method for MailPoet. This could be the MailPoet Sending Service, Amazon Ses, SendGrid, or your SMTP. 

And in the event that there are any issues with your selected sending method, we’ll revert to sending with your host instead. Pretty nifty, right?

There’s one small disclaimer though. If you want to add attachments to these emails or CC/BCC someone, we’re afraid this won’t be the sending method for you.

We recommend logging your WordPress and WooCommerce emails to check for any delivery issues. By default, WordPress doesn’t offer any tracking of transactional emails, so you’ll need a plugin, such as our own WP Mail Logging, to do so.

MailPoet’s complete WordPress email marketing solution

To put it simply, we want to make your life easier. 

Sourcing and updating multiple plugins and pieces of software can be costly in both time and money. 

This feature is one of many improvements we’re making to turn MailPoet into your one-stop-shop for all of your WordPress and WooCommerce email marketing needs

In case you missed them, a few other recent additions to MailPoet include our WooCommerce email template customizer, a Gutenberg block for subscription forms, and the automatic removal of inactive subscribers.

And we’ve got plenty more up our sleeves. Check them out in our 2019 product journey: https://www.mailpoet.com/blog/mailpoets-2019-product-journey/.

We’re hoping that these iterations will give you more time to dedicate to improving your open and click rates. Or just more cups of tea. Whichever you prefer 😊  

Is there a feature or some functionality you’d love to see in MailPoet? Let us know in the comments!