Release Notes: September 2017

Release Notes

Let’s take a look at the main highlights of our September code releases. This month, we officially launched the new MailPoet plugin.

A new (and free!) sending plan

We have always wanted to offer a free sending solution to as many of our users as possible. At long last, it is finally here. If you have 1,000 subscribers or less, you can send unlimited emails for free. Sign up here.

You should try it and see how easy and fast it is. It’s simply lovely.

Editor improvements

We’re nibbling away at the backlog of tiny improvements that we want to bring to the email designer.

The color picker now remembers the last six colors that you have previously selected. This will make it easier to mix-and-match colors for different portions of your newsletter.

Color selector gif.

Images can now be resized in the Newsletter Editor by dragging their corner to your desired size.

Image resizing gif

Image alignment will come soon, too. As for image alignment within the Post widget, we are still studying its implementation, as it might impact the core plugin code. We know that some of you are impatiently waiting for this.

Finally, the Template page will now display your last saved template at the top – the logical order of things.

Roles and capabilities

You can now give control of MailPoet to other WordPress users on your site, depending on their role.

For example, you can allow an “Editor” to send emails but not update the settings. This is possible thanks to another WordPress plugin called Members. Take a look:

User role editor.

Bloom, at last! Plus, more third-party connections

At launch, we initially announced that the form plugin Bloom by Elegant Themes would work with the new MailPoet. Unfortunately, it didn’t, unbeknownst to us. In any case, Bloom’s latest update does support our new version, and so does Divi, a theme by the same authors.

Elementor, a page builder, and MailOptin, a form plugin, have also been added to the list of third-party plugins that integrate with MailPoet.

A feature called reliability

The new MailPoet is pretty powerful right out of the box. It’s simply easier to set up, configure, and get started than anything you’ve used before. Indeed, our support team loves it because there are fewer support tickets.

We’re spending a considerable amount of time behind the scenes to ensure that MailPoet simply works. Not an easy task, indeed, since our plugin needs to adapt to so many different environments.

Take a look at our changelog to get a sense of this and to see the sheer number of bugs that we iron out in our weekly releases.


Swedish and Turkish have been added in September. Norwegian is coming soon. Hebrew is next-in-line.

What’s coming up next?

Premium users will have our new Segmentation feature, which will soon be in beta. It will be barebones at first, but we’re aiming to improve it rapidly over the upcoming weeks.

We’re aiming to add one improvement per week to existing features. We need to prioritize as there are over a hundred improvements in our backlog.

We’re improving our account experience and easing the transition of customers from the old plugin to the new one. There are quite a few of you!

To see the current features available in MailPoet, take a look at our features list. After a feature that’s not on there? You can request or upvote features and integrations you’d like to see, on our feedback board.