Email Your WordPress Users in Style

Those who run membership websites with WordPress are often looking for ways to send emails to their members.

We previously wrote a case study of a large BuddyPress site dedicated to cakes which makes great use of MailPoet. Yummy.

In this post, I’ll spill the beans on how most administrators will want to set up their MailPoet plugin.

I use the words members and users interchangeably throughout this post. They both refer to your WordPress users.

The WordPress Users list

MailPoet comes with a list called WordPress Users which includes all your… WordPress users.

Sort your subscribers by this list, to see your site’s members:

Filter subscribers by WordPress users

A few notes on this magical list:

  • This list only contains your WordPress users
  • Each WordPress user get his own subscriber profile in MailPoet
  • If a WordPress user edits his WordPress profile’s first name, last name, or email, his profile in MailPoet will get updated
  • If a WordPress user is deleted, his subscriber profile in MailPoet is deleted as well

Running a multisite install? You can make your WordPress Users include all of the users on the network, like this:

Sync all users of multisite

When to email your members

Administrators will find the WordPress Users list practical to send important messages, such as:

  1. Site maintenance
  2. Important updates to the site, like a new section
  3. Update to the terms and conditions
  4. New membership rules
  5. Changes to account information

You can also use it to send regular updates as well, just like a regular newsletter.

Members! Join my new newsletter

So, you want to start a new newsletter for your members?

It’s better to ask them to opt-in, rather than forcefully include them.

To do so, send them an email using the WordPress Users list, like this:

Email asking to join a new list

The link in the email points to a page on your site with a MailPoet subscription form. Members who join will be added to a list of your choice, for example “Weekly newsletter.

Some administrators won’t want to ask first, and simply send their newsletter to all their members.

If this is your case, we recommend that you first send a courtesy email like this:

Email asking to opt out

Both the shortcode [glogal:manage] and the Edit your subscription link point to a page where your members can select their lists of preference:

The page for subscribers to manage their subscription preferences

If your configuring this right now, take note of these 2 prerequisites:

  1. You enabled the option “Subscribers can edit their profile” in your advanced settings
  2. You added all your members to a list called “Weekly newsletters“. See below! 

How to add your WordPress users to another list

Since we mention this above, here are the steps to follow on your Subscribers page:

Bulk add WordPress user to a new list

  1. filter by the list WordPress Users
  2. bulk select all the subscribers on the page
  3. bulk select all the Subscribers on the list, not just the page
  4. bulk add them to another list

Join my site, and get my newsletter

We’ve covered your existing members. How about the ones who are joining today?

There’s no better place to ask a user to opt in then the registration page itself:

WordPress registration form with signup checkbox

To display the opt in checkbox in the registration form, enable the option in the MailPoet’s Settings:

Activate the signup checkbox on registration form

This also works for the BuddyPress registration page.

A few add-ons are available to add a similar checkbox to registration pages of membership plugins, for example, Restrict Content Pro.

Disable the confirmation email

If your website and its newsletter is exclusively for your members, you’ll want to turn off the signup confirmation in your MailPoet Settings page:

Disable double opt-in

Users who join your site as members already get an email from your WordPress asking them to confirm their registration.

Engage, right from the start

It’s alway good to check up on how your new members are doing. Email is the best way to do that.

For example, you might want to send an email the following day a member joins. Ask how his first day on the site is going, for example. As she or he found what he was looking for?

These are called “autoresponders” in marketing, or just “automatic” emails in MailPoet.

To do so, simply create a new email, and pick the option on the first step:

Send an email 1 day after someone subscribes

Pretty neat, no? Want to find out more? Check out this video of autoresponders in our documentation.


If you’re in doubt, or you’re not sure how it works out with your membership plugin, simply get in touch. We’ll be happy to guide you through.