10 Sales Promotion Email Examples to Inspire Your Email Marketing Campaigns

To be effective, a sales email needs to catch your subscribers’ attention right away, hold that attention throughout your pitch, and convince subscribers that your offer is valuable enough for them to take action. That’s a lot to do in a small space, especially if you’re not a trained copywriter, but it is possible, and […]

Newsletters, Welcome Emails, and Latest Post Notifications: Which One Should You Use?

When you go to send your first email with MailPoet you’ll notice that there are three main types of email: newsletters, welcome emails, and latest post notifications. But what do these email types mean? When should you use them? In this article, I’ll help you figure it all out by exploring what each type of […]

17+ Email Subject Line Best Practices to Boost Engagement

You can have the best email content in the world…but if you can’t engage subscribers with your subject line, all that content is going to go to waste. Instead of opening your emails, they’ll just keep on scrollin’ through their inboxes. So – how can you write an email subject line that grabs your subscribers’ […]

How To Create a Countdown Email Campaign

One of the best ways to encourage sales is to create a sense of urgency, a feeling that your audience must purchase something now or miss out on some kind of reward. In this guide, I’ll show you how to create a countdown email campaign that builds urgency around a specific product or event to […]

How to Build a Newsletter Landing Page with WordPress + MailPoet

Newsletter landing pages are web pages where every element is chosen with one goal in mind: getting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. In this guide to how to build a newsletter landing page with WordPress, I’ll explore: The three things a newsletter landing page must do to be successful How to build a newsletter […]