4 Best Plugins to Send WordPress Post Notifications (All Are Free)

Searching for a way to send WordPress post notifications via email? You might want to send email notifications to your blog’s subscribers when you publish a new post. Or, if you have multiple authors and you want to simplify your admin processes, you might want to send yourself post notification emails when someone publishes a […]

Re-Engagement Emails: Examples and Best Practices to Win Back Subscribers

If you’re like a lot of email marketers, you’re probably always focused on finding new ways to grow your lists and attract new subscribers. But what about keeping the subscribers that you already have? Email list churn, or decay, is a real problem, with many lists losing 25-50% of subscribers in a year. Beyond people […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Email Segmentation

Do you still have just one big email list for all your subscribers? If so, you’re probably not getting the best performance. The good news is that email segmentation is a relatively straightforward way to enhance what you’re already doing. Email blasting, where you send one big “blast” to all of your subscribers, is no […]

9 Ways to Make Your Newsletter Signup Form Work Harder

Your newsletter signup form is perhaps the most important part of your lead generation strategy, but is it truly serving you? In this guide, I’ll explore nine ways to make your newsletter signup form work harder and drive more conversions. We’ll discuss: Where to place your newsletter signup form Types of signup forms + how […]

Why You Need a Newsletter Marketing Strategy + How to Make One

Your email list is only as valuable as the number of engaged subscribers on it. This makes it essential to create an effective long-term newsletter marketing strategy. In this guide, I’ll explore: Why it’s important to market your newsletter How to create a newsletter marketing strategy: a step-by-step process How to refine your newsletter marketing […]

Email Marketing for Gen Z: Statistics and Strategies

There are dozens of think pieces about how old school marketing techniques don’t work on Gen Z. Some publications have gone as far as declaring that “email is dead”. These takes are exaggerated and alarmist, but there are absolutely differences between email marketing for Gen Z vs previous generations. In this guide, I will explore: […]