Should You Buy Email Lists?

Buying an email list might seem like the perfect solution for increasing your brand or community group’s reach. Spend a few hundred bucks, and you get instant access to thousands of email addresses you can add to your list, right? You might be thinking that when you buy email lists, surely once you start sending […]

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How to Plan Your Posts

Knowing how to plan your blog posts can make almost every aspect of your content strategy easier and more effective. That’s true whether you’re writing a weekly newsletter for a social club, hosting a popular blog in a successful niche, or publishing high-end articles in support of a concerted content marketing strategy. Planning your posts […]

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How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Constantly coming up with new ideas to fuel your blog and email newsletter can be challenging, and even exhausting! Indeed, developing content ideas is often cited as the single most significant roadblock to developing a rigorous and effective content marketing strategy. I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade, and online for seven years. My […]

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