Email vs social media

Sending newsletters is usually only one part of the marketing communications you might send out to customers. In this post we’ll share why you should spend more time thinking about your emails and less time with your social media channels.

Why Are They Unsubscribing?

Ever wondered why some of your subscribers are opting out? We suggest you find out, especially if you have over 1% of unsubscribes in your recent newsletters. Rest assured, it’s a good sign when some of your subscribers are leaving. You want to keep the engaged subscribers. It’s about quality above quantity, always. I’ll guide […]

A Wine Seller Gets His Newsletter Strategy Right

Below is thorough case study of how a small business can utilize newsletters to draw customers back into the store. WordPress freelancers and consultants take note. A newsletter strategy should be in all your packages. For example: Newsletter strategy debrief: 2 hours Setup, configuration & design: 4 hours Training: 1 hour Debrief after first campaign: 1 […]

Get All Your Multisite’s Sites To Send Newsletters in No Time

Update: the new MailPoet version 3 doesn’t officially support Multisite.   Our plugin has now become the easiest newsletter solution for WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress, hands down. So why are we so proud of this now? Because we answered this call for help: Can I please, please, please configure a newsletter solution on my Multisite just […]

Mistakes We Spot in Your Newsletters

Ready to start 2013 with a few newsletter writing tips? I’ve subscribed to over 200 newsletters made with Wysija in over a year. This allows me to assess how good or bad some campaigns are. Let’s jump straight to my recommendations. I read text, not images It all begins with the subject. What will make […]