5 Last-Minute Marketing Tips for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is rapidly approaching. Are you prepared? (We hope so!) Check out these last-minute tips for sending an email newsletter on the biggest eCommerce day of the year. 1. Don’t send just one It’s always important to build a campaign far in advance of the actual sales date. However, if you haven’t been conducting […]

What’s A Good Email Open Rate?

Let’s demystify what a good email open rate actually is. All too often people expect unrealistic open and click rates and are disappointed when they only achieve one-third of that. This post explains how our email delivery, open, and click rates are calculated, and what we mean by a “good” email open rate. How our […]

How to Make Animated GIF Screencast Videos

I wanted to share with you how I made the animated GIF screencast video from our last newsletter. It only requires a few tools and is so simple, even I can do it! First of all, I needed a video. To be more specific: a screencast, one that I could create a video from. There […]

Email vs Social Media

Sending newsletters is usually only one part of the marketing communications you might send out to customers. In this post we’ll share why you should spend more time thinking about your emails and less time with your social media channels. There’s no definitive study comparing social and email – it’s a pretty hard thing to […]

A Wine Seller Gets His Newsletter Strategy Right

Below is thorough case study of how a small business can utilize newsletters to draw customers back into the store. WordPress freelancers and consultants take note. A newsletter strategy should be in all your packages. For example:Grow your audience, grow your businessCapture subscribers at the right time on your website and send them beautiful emails from […]

Get All Your Multisite’s Sites To Send Newsletters in No Time

Update: the new MailPoet version 3 doesn’t officially support Multisite. Our plugin has now become the easiest newsletter solution for WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress, hands down. So why are we so proud of this now? Because we answered this call for help:Grow your audience, grow your businessCapture subscribers at the right time on your website […]