How to Create a Drip Campaign Series

Drip Campaign Series with MailPoet

Setting up a drip campaign is easy with MailPoet! In this post, we’ll show you how to set up a series of automated emails to create your own drip campaign.

What is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is when you ‘drip feed’ a number of targeted newsletters to a recipient over a period of time, usually for a specific purpose, until the series has ended. A drip campaign isn’t affected by events (such as opening/not opening/clicking/not clicking) except for unsubscribes (because they’ll stop receiving the emails). Campaigns that are affected by subscriber behaviour are called ‘triggered’ emails. Currently, MailPoet only offers drip campaigns.

What Can I Do With a Drip Campaign?

There’s a number of reasons you might want to use a drip campaign, but the two most common are welcome programs and training / informational email courses.

First, create a new automatic newsletter. On the first step of the newsletter creator, you’ll want to use either “When someone subscribes to my list” or “When a new WordPress user is added to my site”.

What if you are using the drip campaign for something other than a welcome program? If you are using the option, “When someone subscribes to my list”, make sure that the list you select is unique to that purpose. Of course, when creating your subscriber form, you can select more than one list for a subscriber to be added to. Nonetheless, the one you choose for the drip campaign shouldn’t be used for anything else.

How Do I Set It Up?

Everything is the same as a normal automatic newsletter, except the time delay.

E.g. Here’s a 3-part email over one week:

Part One will be sent as soon as the subscriber confirms his/her subscription…

Drip campaign setup - day 1

Then, the second newsletter will be sent three days later…

Set up a drip campaign - day 3

The final newsletter goes out a week after subscription is confirmed, on the seventh day…

Set up a drip campaign day 7

Tips for Drips

In your signup form, it’s a good idea to share how long the campaign will last and/or how many newsletters the subscriber will receive. Here’s an example:

Drip campaign signup form copy idea

You can do this with MailPoet’s own form editor. Otherwise, we recommend the Bloom form plugin which offers an extensive types of forms, such as slide-ins.