Less is More: Being Concise in Emails and Blog Posts

Get to the point already. That’s what your users might be thinking when they’re reading your blog posts or emails. And if they’re waiting impatiently for you to get to the point, they are far less likely to be primed and ready to respond when you finally unleash your call-to-action. Because being concise in emails […]

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Constantly coming up with new ideas to fuel your blog and email newsletter can be challenging, and even exhausting! Indeed, developing content ideas is often cited as the single most significant roadblock to developing a rigorous and effective content marketing strategy. I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade, and online for seven years. My […]

10-Point Checklist for Writing Amazing Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is easy. But writing amazing blog posts? It takes a lot more time and effort to do well. Anyone can string a sentence together but it doesn’t necessarily mean that sentence will be any good or even make sense! In this guide, I’ll outline a few strategies you can follow to help […]

Long vs. Short: Why You Should Keep Emails Short

There’s an old quote by Mark Twain: I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead. It’s a clever, witty quote (as you would expect from Twain), but it also illustrates an important point when it comes to writing newsletters for your business: keeping things short is a […]

11 Things You Should Never Say to Customers in Emails

Emails that deliver great customer service can create an enormous and cost-effective boost for your business. Unfortunately, many small businesses neglect their email presence despite the fact that the vast majority of customer service these days is conducted online. This means that your email might be the most common way in which your customers interact […]

Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for Creating Email Newsletter Content

Whether you’re running a small business or work as a marketing expert at a large firm, no doubt you’ll be spread thinly trying to do all your day to day tasks and those extra tasks that always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient time. Email newsletter content takes more time to perfect than […]