Email Open Rate Benchmarks: Data From 5 Sources and How to Improve Yours

Why did you click on this post about email open rate benchmarks? Is it because you want to know whether your 21.43% open rate is good or bad? Well, as we’ll explain in this post, the actual answer is a little bit more complicated than just comparing your open rate against the benchmark. Yes – […]

10 Great Business Email Examples to Use as Inspiration

Millions of professionals are launching newsletters as often as every single day. It takes just 5 minutes to check ProductHunt and Twitter or LinkedIn to see how many companies and individuals are trusting email as the main tool when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. While they all claim to be that “email you’ll […]

5 Best Practice Tips for Email Links That Get Clicks (and Taps!)

Have you ever stopped to think about how you’re using links in emails? Because how you write and design your links can help attract attention and get you more clicks (and taps on mobile devices). It might seem obvious, but more people are going to click your links if you make them easy to see […]

13 of the Best Email Newsletters to Inspire Your Own

When you think back to 1971, what comes to mind? Bell bottoms were in fashion. John Lennon released the timeless album “Imagine,” and the Race to Space was in full force.    But, 1971 also marked the birth of email. The very first messages were sent on the ARPANET system, a precursor to the internet. […]

12 of the Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Ever Seen

Has an email subject line ever made you raise an eyebrow? Laugh out loud? Or simply curious enough to open an email? Like me, you’ve probably spent hours crafting your email newsletters, perfecting your timing, topics, images, and CTA. But what good is an amazing email if no one opens it?Craft the right message, at […]

11 Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates

Anyone with experience sending out email newsletters for WordPress will tell you that half the battle is getting readers to open your email in the first place. That’s why taking the right approach to your subject line can make or break your email strategy. Email conversion strategist and copywriter Val Geisler recommends spending as much […]