How Spam and Phishing Filters Work

Shortly after the internet was invented, the first spam email was sent by Nac to Krag, who was checking his email in the cave next door, encouraging him to deposit a substantial portion of his cache of woolly mammoth steaks in a drop box located (mysteriously) outside the entrance to Nac’s cave. Okay, that bit […]

Why You Should Never Use WordPress to Send Email Newsletters (Thoroughly Debunked!)

There are some who would argue that you should always, always, use a system for email marketing that’s separate to WordPress, and that plugins have no place in this space. Does this belief have any truth to it? Should email marketing and your WordPress site be completely separate, never to be joined together? In this […]

15 New & Beautiful Email Templates For WordPress

We recently added 15 individually designed email templates that you can send directly from your WordPress site thanks to our plugin, MailPoet. Most of our users don’t have a designer nearby to help them, so we’re bringing our designs to you instead. Take a look. What Are Email Templates?  Simply put, templates are preset, a […]

How the MailPoet Sending Service Helps You Avoid the Spam Box

If you aren’t familiar with the infrastructure underlying email technology, you might wonder – how exactly does it all work? Specifically, you might wonder – what is the MailPoet Sending Service? And why should you use it? But, above all – why is a sending service necessary in the first place? One great email solution […]

Newsletters, Welcome Emails, and Latest Post Notifications: Which One Should You Use?

If you’ve used MailPoet (and we hope you have!) you’ve no doubt created and sent an email or two. If you haven’t, that’s okay too! Everyone needs to start somewhere – and this post is a good place to start. In MailPoet, there are three types of emails: newsletters, welcome emails, and post notifications. What […]

Once Per Month: A Guide to Creating Your First Monthly Newsletter

Creating a monthly newsletter is easier said than done. A great newsletter requires focus, strategy, consistency, determination, and a whole lot of other heavy-sounding adjectives. It can feel overwhelming to even the most battle-hardened marketing executive. One great email solution for your WordPressEnable MailPoet. Unlock possibilities. Get your audience back on your website thanks to […]