Get Subscribers Offline

How about offline strategies to get subscribers on your list? Apparently, nearly half of marketers are already doing so, according to Marketing Sherpa, a research firm. The benefits is that these off-the-screen techniques are free, and they don’t require any technical knowledge either. They simply require a bit of human skills. It all comes down to […]

Make Your Subscription Forms Clearly Visible

Your subscription forms should stand out. While the majority of your visitors won’t subscribe, they must at least see it. In this post, I’ll cover some tips and tricks to increase the number of subscribers. This should be a priority for anyone with an active newsletter. Remember that those who subscribe, more often than not, […]

Get Subscribers Before You Launch Your Next WordPress Site

Are you about to launch a site? This is a good time to get subscribers and create some hype. John who codes the plugin Coming Soon Pro has just integrated Wysija. Logged out visitors will see a “Coming Soon” page. Here’s my own test: It costs 29 bucks for a single site. A little more […]