How to Build a Newsletter Landing Page with WordPress + MailPoet

Newsletter landing pages are web pages where every element is chosen with one goal in mind: getting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. In this guide to how to build a newsletter landing page with WordPress, I’ll explore: The three things a newsletter landing page must do to be successful How to build a newsletter […]

The Ultimate Guide to Newsletter Landing Pages

What are newsletter landing pages? A landing page is a web page where all of the content is created with the goal of getting visitors to take a specific action, such as making a specific purchase. In the case of newsletter landing pages, also sometimes referred to as squeeze pages, the goal is to get […]

9 Ways to Make Your Newsletter Signup Form Work Harder

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Why Express Consent is Essential to Email Marketing + How to Get it

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How to Create an Automated Welcome Sequence

Building an immediate relationship with your subscribers is essential. You need to establish the value of your newsletter, and your business as a whole, to ensure that people keep opening your emails. One of the best ways to do this is by learning how to create an automated welcome sequence. In this guide, I will […]

The Ultimate Guide to Opt-In Bonuses

If you’ve read a few articles about email marketing, you’ve probably encountered the idea of creating an opt-in bonus. But what is an opt-in bonus? How can you create one suitable for your audience? Are opt-in bonuses even effective? In this guide, I’ll explore: What an opt-in bonus/lead magnet is Types of opt-in bonuses How […]