20 Email Templates to Send Newsletters from WordPress In Style

Our newsletter and email plugin now offers 50 unique and original email templates just for WordPress.

We crafted the latest 20 templates with a lot of love in the hopes that we could inspire our users (and you) to send good looking emails from their WordPress websites.

Designs to match your content

For this latest round of templates, we decided to work on designs that could match our users’ very own content.

This is slightly challenging, to say the least because we have over 100,000 active websites and many of them are quite unique. For example, a website on miniature cakes in Japan or a user selling rare coins.

We settled on the many recurring themes we see in your websites that were missing in our previous batch of 15 email templates:

  • Painter (Art)
  • Guitarist (Music)
  • Birds
  • Synagogue
  • Mosque
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Vlogger
  • Jazz Club
  • Motor
  • Fashion Blog
  • Photography
  • Healthy Food Blog
  • Farmers Market
  • Newspaper Traditional
  • Energy
  • Computer Repair
  • College
  • Primary School
  • Engineering
  • Software
  • WordPress Theme Business
  • Branding Agency News

How can I use these templates?

These templates are available within the MailPoet plugin which is free to download here.

They cannot be used to redesign default WordPress emails, for example, the email notification an admin receives when a new visitor comments. For these types of emails, you’ll need a different plugin, like Email Templates.

The HTML and CSS of MailPoet’s templates cannot be edited. The reason is for convenience, since email clients, unlike browsers, display HMTL quite differently. In other words, we ensure that your emails always display nicely across all email clients, like Gmail or Yahoo. And they’re responsive too.

MailPoet allows you to export templates so you can reuse them on another MailPoet powered WordPress website. The export format is specific to MailPoet, so you won’t be able to use them in another solution, like Mailchimp.

What makes MailPoet templates standout from other plugins?

Our email designer strikes the right balance between powerful design options, ease of use and learning curve. This can save you quite a bit of time.

It’s not just all time related though. Our template designer is:

  • Simple to use. It really takes just a few minutes to set up MailPoet, select a template, and start modifying it so it matches your website’s own theme.
  • No code required. It’s fun to use a tool without having to call your WordPress consultant every time for help, isn’t it?
  • They work seamlessly across all email clients. We did all the heavy lifting to make sure that your emails look good on over a dozen email clients. Making emails look good on all of them is quite a feat!
  • Beautifully responsive. Nearly 50% of all emails are opened on a smartphone today. With our templates, your design look good on any screen size.

Steps to select a template and save your own

After you install MailPoet, head to MailPoet > Emails > New and select your template.

All templates can be previewed in full size.

Next time you create a new email, you can use previously sent emails as templates:

Alternatively, you can:

  • duplicate a previously sent newsletter to copy its design;
  • save a template which then adds it to “Your saved templates” category. This is practical if you’re designing a template for someone else.

Want to know more on email in WordPress? Check out our ultimate guide to newsletters in WordPress.