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The new MailPoet Version 3 was released in September 2017. This new plugin is replacing the old MailPoet (Version 2). In this FAQ, we’ll address all of your questions and concerns.

Will MailPoet Version 2 Still Be Available?

Yes, the old plugin is still available. You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

Can I Use Both Version 2 and Version 3 at the Same Time?

Yes! The plugins do not interact or conflict with each other. You can download the new Version 3 on the plugin repository or simply visit the demo site.

How Long Will the Migration Take?

For most users the switch will take an hour or so.

Will Version 2 Continue to Be Updated?

It will only be updated for security updates so you stay safe.

Will Version 2 Be Supported?

No, unless it’s for security issues.

Will My MailPoet Premium License Work with MailPoet 3?

Yes. Simply log in to the new account manager to retrieve your key.

Can I Still Purchase MailPoet Premium for the Old MailPoet 2?

Yes, you can still renew of MailPoet 2 licenses.

What’s the Difference Between the Old MailPoet 2 and the New MailPoet 3?

It’s pretty much the same, with a few differences. Read this comparison table to see all the details.

Who Needs to Continue Using the Old Version 2?

  • If Version 3 is not translated in your language. Version 3 is translated in a dozen languages;
  • If your website is in a right-to-left language (RTL), such as Hebrew or Arabic. Version 3 doesn’t fully support RTL;
  • If you use Multisite. MailPoet 3 doesn’t officially support Multisite yet, as plugin has not yet been benchmarked for very large installations. Also, there are no specific Multisite settings.

Will You Help Me Migrate to Version 3?

Yes. We have a migration tool that will help you switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover everything. See our migration checklist to see what you can and cannot migrate.

If you really need to keep your archive and statistics, simply keep MailPoet 2 activated on your site. Both plugins can run side by side.




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    I currently use MailPoet newsletters that allows me to determine WHEN and How I want a particular newsletter to go out to my users. Will I still have that capability?

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    Yes it will Lisa. :)

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    Il est vraiment dommage que les messages de MailPoet, les FAQ, etc., ne soient jamais traduites en Français alors que cette application est Canadienne. Voyez du côté de MailChimps ce qu’ils savent faire.
    Notez que j’utilise MailPoet Premium depuis 2 ans

    It’s a pity that MailPoet messages, FAQs, etc. are never translated into French when this application is Canadian. See what MailChimps can do.
    Please note that I have been using MailPoet Premium for 2 years

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    Pascal, j’espère un jour!

    it’s question of human resources. We’re a team of ten people and we speak over a dozen languages combined, but we can only offer support and documentation in the most common of them all: English.

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    Will the migration tool be able to migrate all stuff later?

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    Patrick, we don’t currently plan to. We know it will require a clean slate for many of you, which is unfortunate we realize.

    We are spending considerable amount of our time on empowering MailPoet features right now. We had to prioritize this over migration.

    Is this a deal breaker for you?

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    Hmmm, any way to keep displaying the archive on the website without necessarily migrate it?

    And a way to set the automatic newsletter number to the latest in v2?

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    Any deadline for Multisite? I believe this is a mandatory spec fro premium users. Just for this we couldn’t migrate to v3.

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    Hey Felix, good question to which we don’t have the answer. We’ll reassess our priorities in the fall and keep you updated.

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    Hi, just replaying to also getting notified when you’ll answer :)

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    Multisite is a vital function for me. I can’t see myself updating to MailPoet 3 without this.

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    One an automatic newsletter is triggered by a post ring published, can you cancel that newsletter before it gets sent? In MP2, you can cancel or “don’t wait, send now” right from the newsletter list. I don’t find anything to cancel the automatic newsletter in MP3.

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    Kyle, that’s correct, you can’t cancel an automatic email being sent. We’ve already taken note of this for a future enhancement.

    Note that sending with our own Sending Service is so fast, most of our free users wouldn’t have time to stop it anyways. So you know!

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    The MP3 page says that none (!) of the statistics can be retained when upgrading from 2 to 3?! Please tell me this is temporary. The statistics are one of the main features of Premium. You are expecting that all Premium users are ok giving up all statistical information for all their previous emails?

    If you don’t think that Premium customers care about statistics, why are they advertised as a main selling feature for Premium? And if you do feel they are a main selling feature, why not include them in any supported migration?

    Right now, this is a deal breaker for me. I have had an Agency license for years, but having to give up all historical data is definitely NOT going to help my business.

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    Hello Brad, that’s correct, we’re not migrating the statistics or the archive of past sent newsletters from MailPoet 2 to 3.

    Why? Because we needed to prioritize our work around the new version and we needed to make some hard decisions.

    This said, there’s a simple solution to your query: you can always keep MailPoet 2 and 3 side by side if you wish to view your old stats and make your archive available to all. The only difference is that the admin will see 2 menu items instead of 1. Minor adjustment!

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    Neither Mailpoet Version 2 or 3 are showing up on our www. I can’t find any of our previous newsletters

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    Same here. Just filed a support ticket.

    I can’t access newsletter, subscriber, settings, or statistics tabs. Only the MailPoet 3 Info page.

    Can’t tell you how frustrating that is. I have a newsletter that needs to go out today, but all I see is a blank white panel where my Premium Mail Poet should be.

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    I purchased a WordPress theme from MDBootstrap which included version 2 of Mailpoet as a required plugin for the theme. Now will I get an update to the plugin as part of your arrangement with mdbootstrap.com to supply your plugin with their theme? Or will I now need to purchase Mailpoet 3 in addition to the price of the WordPress theme package?

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    J’utilise MailPoet version 2 (environ 60 abonnées).
    Je teste actuellement MailPoet version 3 avec deux abonnés.

    Aujourd’hui ma NewsLetter avec MailPoet version 2 affiche la première image rencontrée dans mon dernier billet mis en ligne ce qui pour moi est une bonne introduction pour motiver mes lecteurs à ouvrir ce billet.

    Il ne m’est pas possible de réaliser la même chose avec MailPoet version 3 et cela me manque sérieusement.
    Merci de m’aider en me proposant une solution …
    Cordialement …

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    I’ve got to say that this is very unappealing to me! I manage several sites, all of which use Mailpoet, and I make extensive use of autoresponder emails, which won’t be migrated.

    When I look at the feature comparison, I see very little that makes me want to upgrade. I already use my own smtp server. It seems like behind the scenes improvements. And when the estimated time to migrate is 1-2 hours, well, I start to think about Mailchimp.

    And then I look more closely at the feature comparison, in the “Unchanged” heading, and I see that autoresponders are unchanged *but now premium only*. Isn’t that a bit misleading? Unchanged? How many users won’t bother reading the unchanged section because they think it’s, well unchanged?

    Not only do I see reduced features, and potentially several hours of work for these reduced features, but I feel this is being done non-transparently. None of this is what I’ve come to expect from the Mailpoet team. : (

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    Based upon the demo, it appears that in version 3, newsletters no longer have word-wrap around images. Is that true?

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