FAQ for MailPoet Version 2

MailPoet 2 > 3 Illustration.

February 2022 update: MailPoet 2 will be retired on July 31, 2022. For more information, take a look at our announcement blog post.

The new MailPoet Version 3 was released in September 2017. This new plugin is replacing the old MailPoet (Version 2). In this FAQ, we’ll address all of your questions and concerns.

Will MailPoet version 2 still be available?

Yes, the old plugin is still available. You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

Can I use both version 2 and version 3 at the same time?

Yes! The plugins do not interact or conflict with each other. You can download the new version 3 on the plugin repository.

How long will the migration take?

For most users the switch will take an hour or so.

Will version 2 continue to be updated?

It will only be updated for security updates so you stay safe.

Will version 2 be supported?

No, unless it’s for security issues.

Will my MailPoet Premium license work with MailPoet 3?

Yes. Simply log in to the new account manager to retrieve your key.

Can I still purchase MailPoet Premium for the old MailPoet 2?

Yes, you can still renew of MailPoet 2 licenses.

What’s the difference between the old MailPoet 2 and the new MailPoet 3?

It’s pretty much the same, with a few differences. Read this comparison table to see all the details.

Who needs to continue using the old version 2?

  • If version 3 is not translated in your language. Version 3 is translated in a dozen languages;
  • If your website is in a right-to-left language (RTL), such as Hebrew or Arabic. Version 3 doesn’t fully support RTL;
  • If you use Multisite. MailPoet 3 doesn’t officially support Multisite yet, as the plugin has not yet been benchmarked for very large installations. Also, there are no specific Multisite settings.

Will you help me migrate to version 3?

Yes. We have a migration tool that will help you switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover everything. See our migration checklist to see what you can and cannot migrate.

If you really need to keep your archive and statistics, simply keep MailPoet 2 activated on your site. Both plugins can run side by side.