The MailPoet Team

This is the us, MailPoet. We’re fairly small. Or big enough, depends how you look at it. We’re a bit from everywhere but not too far away. What do we have in common? We simply like to do the right thing for our users and ourselves.

Kim GjerstardKim - Partner
I do everything that doesn’t involve code. I was born in San Francisco, grew up in lovely Montréal, and go to Norway for X-mas to visit my Nordic relatives. Sometimes, I hang out in crazy Congo. I love cooking some fancy stuff that I found on my favorite cooking blog.
VladimirVlad - Developer
"From Russia with Love,” Canada-style. Splitting time between the two coldest countries, I code/photograph/brew beer and make salsas that are 70-200k on Scoville scale.
TautvidasTautvidas - Developer
Making lives of others easier with software is the name of my game. I enjoy building stuff, so I’m always fiddling with new languages or technologies, be it UNIX, Scala or Arduino.
Kiefer - Editor and Copywriter
I’ve been working with WordPress for years and enjoy the wide variety of people that use it. I also enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and running (but not usually at the same time!)
Pavel - Developer

I am a developer with more than 10 years experience. I am a father of 2 lovely children. In my rare spare time, I like to listen to a good audiobook or podcast.

Amine - Developer

Math was my favorite at school
Challenging problems are fun
Efficient algorithms are my gun.
High quality code is my tool
Automating every task is my goal.

Bruna - Customer Support
Originally from Brazil, currently living in Italy, and always helping customers from around the world. I started my WordPress journey as a blogger, began designing blogs and now help users with the MailPoet plugin.
Michelle - QA Engineer
Making test plans and automated systems exciting. Would like to be a unicorn when I grow up.
Rodrigo - DevOps Engineer
Automate everything! If not, enjoy the manual steps. An eternal beginner surfer that never loses hope to one day ride a tube.