Email Analytics

MailPoet’s insightful reporting helps you gain deep insights into your subscribers so you can leverage data to get better results with every email.

See What’s Working at a Glance

Analyze your email campaigns’ performance and learn more about your subscribers. Get a wealth of data from opens and clicks and see the bigger picture behind your successes and failures.


Are Subscribers Reading Your Emails?

For every email campaign and newsletter you send, see who opened it and which links they clicked. Track your results so you can send better subject lines and content, and keep raising the bar.


Are Subscribers Clicking Your Links?

Are your calls-to-action working? Which links are subscribers clicking (and not clicking)? Dig into the data beyond your open rate. Simply sending emails isn’t enough—knowing how subscribers interact with your emails is critical to improving their performance.

Send Targeted Emails with Segmentation

Segmentation makes it easy to send emails your subscribers care about—and want to open. Segment your lists based on opens and clicks and put your data to work.

Track Subscribers with Google Analytics

When subscribers read your emails and click-through to your website, what do they do next? Find out using Google Analytics campaigns. Get meaningful insights into who your subscribers are and how they use your website so you can better segment and target specific audiences with your emails.

Illustration of MailPoet's email stats dashboard

See How Much Money Each Email is Earning

Run a WooCommerce store? Find out how well your e-commerce email marketing efforts are performing at a glance! MailPoet will show you how much money each email you send is earning for your business, making ROI reporting a piece of cake.