MailPoet Premium with sending, all for free up to 1,000 subscribers

What is included in the free plan?

  • You get the Premium features as a separate add-on. Worth $149!
  • MailPoet will also send your emails. Ensuring your newsletters reach the inbox.
  • All WooCommerce features unlocked. Send newsletters to WooCommerce customers after their first purchase to entice them back and more!
  • Friendly and fast support.
  • Limit of 2 free plans per account. Need more? Purchase the Agency license.

Why send with MailPoet?

Because we are experts at reaching the inbox thanks to our sending technology built exclusively for WordPress:

  • Send as many emails as you want. It’s a subscriber limit, not an email limit.
  • Blazingly fast sending. Newsletters delivered in minutes, not hours.
  • Your emails end up in the inbox and not the spam box because our expert team monitors deliverability.
  • We also configure DKIM and SPF on the fly, meaning you don’t have to worry about setting this up yourself.
  • Automatic bounce management to keep your list clean with only valid email addresses.

Why not send with my host? It’s free!

Sending with your host can lead to low deliverability, poor open rates and even worse click rates. Why?

  1. Emails falling in the spam box due to noisy neighbors. Web hosts don’t monitor deliverability and one bad sender on the same server sending spam can ruin your chances of landing in the inbox.
  2. Emails not arriving at all. Those noisy neighbors could end up with the web hosts IPs being blacklisted, causing all your newsletters to be rejected.
  3. Emails not being sent at all. Web hosts can and do rate limit the number of emails that can be sent via their own servers and this can cause your email to not even be sent.

What about the old free plan up to 2,000 subscribers?

The old free plan allows you to send to 2,000 subscribers, but it doesn’t include the Premium features.

This plan remains active for those who signed up for it before 2019-05-22.

If you have reached the limit of 2 free plans per account, simply cancel one of your old free plans to subscribe to the new free plan.

What if I’m paying for a plan of 1,000 subscribers or less?

Please cancel it and sign up to the new free plan.