Our Free Sending Plan

Available for websites with 2,000 subscribers or less.

(Does not include the Premium features)

Why send with MailPoet?

To make sure your emails reach the inbox because of 3 very common issues:

  1. emails falling in the spambox
  2. emails not arriving at all, a more frequent phenomenon
  3. emails not being sent all because the web host isn’t sending

MailPoet is configured to send with your web host by default. While this might be free, web host are not experts at sending emails. In fact, they are known to be poor at deliverability because bad guys use hosts to send the 80% world’s spam. Emails sent from your host can (will?) sooner or later end up in spam.

What is included in the free plan?

Just the sending service without the Premium features.

You’ll get the Premium features as well in paid plans only.

Why does MailPoet offer a free plan?

It will make the lives of the majority of our users easier by removing the most common problem: sending!