Top 5 time-saving tips for creating email newsletter content

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Top time saving tips for building emails

When you’re running a small business with a small team or even just on your own, no doubt you’ll be spread thinly trying to do all the tasks you need to get done.

Email newsletters are usually just one of the ways in which you communicate with your customers, but can be quite time consuming to develop compared to writing a tweet or Facebook post.

Here’s my favourite tips for saving time creating emails which I’ve learnt the hard way throughout the years.

Focus on one thing at a time

Ever stared at the screen trying to think of what on earth you’re going to put in the newsletter whilst you’re also trying to design it?

Jotting down a few ideas when they come to you throughout the week will keep you focused on the job at hand when it comes to executing the email. Writing your copy is one task, laying it out is another. Doing both at once will take twice as long and can be very distracting.

Plan ahead

Looking at high days and holidays can be a really useful idea of when you need to send out what content. As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good idea to react to the type of information your recipients might want to hear.

Relevancy is so important so getting people to take note of what you have to say. And if you’ve got some really interesting things to say that aren’t related to seasonal trends, then it’s always good to bring those out when there are breaks in between peak periods. Keeping a spreadsheet of ideas will help you to keep track what you’ve done previously and, more importantly, what you want to do in the future.

Re-use content

If you’ve written something really interesting, don’t just confine it to one email! If it was the main feature in your last email, why not use your older content further down the email? It’s a really easy way of creating more email content whilst ensuring your hard work gets the visibility it deserves.

Change the title, rework the copy, try a new picture. Re-present your content. I’ve discovered that content further down actually gets more attention if you make it appealing enough.

Research, research, research

Sign up to a load of newsletters and not just your competitors! Inspiration can come from anywhere. I like have a separate Gmail account that I use to sign up for various newsletters. Gmail allows you to easily add labels – an easy way to remind you of what it is you like about them.

I used to work for a clothing company and we always took email content ideas from other companies and they took ideas from us! Don’t be afraid to take an idea and make it your own.

Duplicate one of your previous MailPoet campaigns

If you’ve created a layout you really like, don’t waste time setting it all up again. It’s much simpler to create a copy and make small changes to it. Just locate one of the emails you’ve created in MailPoet and choose duplicate underneath the newsletter title. You can then keep the layout and just change the wording, or remove/add more content. Easy peasy!

Duplicate a Mailpoet campaign

If you have some time-saving tips, we would love to hear them. Get in touch by leaving a comment on this post!