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Detailed stats & Welcome Emails
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What is MailPoet Premium?

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Insightful Statistics

Which links get the most clicks? Which subscribers opened your emails? With MailPoet’s stats program, it’s easy to find out. Need even more details? Integrating with Google Analytics is as easy as 1-2-3.

Hello Inbox, Goodbye Spambox!

Having issues with reaching your subscribers? Always ending up in the spam box? Don’t panic! You’re not alone – over a quarter of our plugin users have sending issues, usually because they are sending emails via their web host. Instead, try using the new MailPoet Sending Service (optional).


 MailPoetWeb host Third party
Speed50,000 / hour300 / hour2,000 / hour
Daily email limits NoneYesDepends
Support on deliverabilityYes!NoNo
SPF and DKIM Signatures Yes!NoDepends
Double opt-in EnforcedNot enforced Depends


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Want to send autoresponders and welcome emails to your subscribers? In MailPoet, it’s easy as 1-2-3. Create welcome emails, educational courses, and other automatic email newsletters.

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We pride ourselves on giving nearly round-the-clock support. Our remote team spans several continents, hemispheres, and time-zones! If you’ve got a problem, we will help you fix it!