Why Are They Unsubscribing?

Ever wondered why some of your subscribers are opting out? We suggest you find out, especially if you have over 1% of unsubscribes in your recent newsletters. Rest assured, it’s a good sign when some of your subscribers are leaving. You want to keep the engaged subscribers. It’s about quality above quantity, always. I’ll guide […]

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Get Subscribers Offline

How about offline strategies to get subscribers on your list? Apparently, nearly half of marketers are already doing so, according to Marketing Sherpa, a research firm. The benefits is that these off-the-screen techniques are free, and they don’t require any technical knowledge either. They simply require a bit of human skills. It all comes down to […]

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Improve Your Photos, It’s Easy

There was a time I encouraged everyone in my surroundings to learn Photoshop. Dreary idea. Nowadays, I tell people to use PicMonkey, an online photo editor which is both fun and easy. Most of its core features are free too. Let me run you through 8 photo editing steps that I usually do to all my photos. […]

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A Wine Seller Gets His Newsletter Strategy Right

Below is thorough case study of how a small business can utilize newsletters to draw customers back into the store. WordPress freelancers and consultants take note. A newsletter strategy should be in all your packages. For example: Newsletter strategy debrief: 2 hours Setup, configuration & design: 4 hours Training: 1 hour Debrief after first campaign: 1 […]

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