Get All Your Multisite’s Sites To Send Newsletters in No Time

Update: the new MailPoet version 3 doesn’t officially support Multisite.


Our plugin has now become the easiest newsletter solution for WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress, hands down.

So why are we so proud of this now? Because we answered this call for help:

Shrek CatCan I please, please, please configure a newsletter solution on my Multisite just once, for all the websites?

Nope, this is not Shrek’s cat pleading, but rather myself, in very similar fashion. I manage a Multisite of over 300 sites for a client, here in France. My colleague, Ben, and I decided to take action and fix this. Yay!

One of our users, Jeff VanDrimmelen from the University of North Carolina with 4500 sites, sums our other users’ feelings quite well:

Jeff VanDrimmelenWe picked Wysija for our newsletter solution because it allowed us to roll out a campus newsletter tool that could easily be used by all departments on campus. It allowed us to do so with 1 configuration screen, and folks were sending newsletters in no time from their sites.

Additional credit goes out to a WordPress agency called Be Api in Paris for some requirements and feedbacks. I salute them for their patience and time.

So what makes our plugin a breeze for Multisite?

In one word: configuration. You only need to setup your sending method once:

  1. The sending settings will apply across all your network
  2. New sites will get it too, automatically
  3. You only need to setup DKIM and SPF once
  4. Allow site admins to switch sending method, if you want

This is what the configuration page looks like (click to enlarge):

Multisite network configuration for our plugin

Forcing all the sites to use your single configuration has one minor drawback: all your newsletters sent from your network will have the same FROM address.

Why? This is to avoid setting up DKIM and SPF for each site. Network admins with domain mapping (using different addresses for each sub site), please start rejoicing right now. The hassle is over!

Rest assured, you can change the REPLY-TO address on each site.

Don’t dribble, just bounce once

A similar, yet more subtle, advantage is the single configuration of our automatic bounce handler. In other words, set up this Premium feature once, for ever.

It’s quite a technical feat. Let me explain in more detail.

If Wysija detects that one subscriber doesn’t exist because of a bounced email, the plugin will unsubscribe or delete him from all the lists across your network. Your lists will be healthy across the board. With no effort. Spam filters will love you. Oh la la!

Who is this for?

We see Wysija on multisites everywhere:

  • universities
  • schools
  • political parties
  • large organizations
  • Intranets

What costs, what catch?

It’s pretty much free. If a site goes over 2000 subscribers (our limit on the free), we’ll ask that site only to upgrade to Premium. All the other sites will still be able to send.

The automatic bounce handler is a Premium feature. Then again, on small lists, you can manually unsubscribe bounced addresses, like an email that doesn’t exist.

Our Agency license offers unlimited Premium installs of Wysija. It’s perfect for Multisite and BuddyPress. We thought about it all, didn’t we?

Oh, and if you use subfolders instead of sub domains or domain mapping, you can simply buy a Blogger license. Kinda cheap, isn’t it?