MailPoet Premium is Now Free Up To 1,000 Subscribers

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Our free newsletter plugin for WordPress just got free-er: users with less than 1,000 subscribers can now get MailPoet Premium for free!

Ninety percent of our free plugin users have smaller email lists and we encourage you to sign up! It’ll save you $150 annually.

When you sign up, you’ll get full access to premium MailPoet features and we’ll take care of sending your emails for you via our advanced MailPoet Sending Service. We built it exclusively for WordPress.

Why give this generous free plan now?

Because we feel our plugin should be in the hands of more WordPress folks who don’t necessarily have a whole lot of money or big lists. This includes creatives, freelancers, small businesses, WooCommerce shop owners, teachers, schools, political commentators, religious groups, non-profits, and various independent souls who want to make the most of email.

In the past year, we’ve doubled down on making the free MailPoet plugin experience better. Our stellar reviews on together with our Net Promoter Score of 50 (+50 is considered “excellent”), is a testament to this effort. Giving MailPoet Premium for free to the small folks is an extension of our commitment to you, our users.

What features are available in MailPoet Premium?

Nearly all of our plugin’s features are free. But there are a few Premium features that can help you take your email marketing a few steps further:

Detailed stats

Wondering who opened your emails and which links they clicked? With access to detailed stats, you can view this information for every email and newsletter you send to your subscribers.

Find out if the call-to-action in your last campaign managed to get the desired clicks — view how many unique clicks each link in your email got so you can learn and improve your emails next time.

Email stats in MailPoet


Our segmentation tool lets you send emails to subscribers who opened your last email or clicked a link in it. If you run a membership site, you can also send emails to subscribers with specific WordPress roles.

Automated WooCommerce emails

WooCommerce emails in MailPoet

If you run a WooCommerce store, you can make the most of these MailPoet e-commerce marketing features:

You can also send one-off emails like the above thanks to our segmentation feature.

Remove MailPoet’s logo in the footer of your emails

Your emails will only show your brand, not ours.

WineCity template.

Send emails that land in inboxes, not spamboxes

With our in-house MailPoet Sending Service, you can be confident your emails will reach inboxes on time, every time.

We monitor each and every one of the 25+ million emails that pass through our servers each month, ensuring they reach their destination, leaving no email behind. It’s how we maintain our 98% rate, matching and often exceeding industry standards.

Send unlimited emails

We only count the number of subscribers, not the number of emails you send. You’ll find no other email service provider that’s as generous as MailPoet in this respect.

Send to engaged subscribers only

Our sending service removes any email addresses from your list that have become invalid (hard bounce), due to subscribers changing jobs or simply changing their email address.

This, coupled with our exclusive Inactive Subscribers feature, ensures you’ll only be sending to engaged subscribers (essential for a healthy email list!).

Extremely fast delivery

Once you click “Send”, MailPoet will deliver your emails in just a few minutes. Our sending infrastructure can reach speeds of 50,000 emails per hour, which is unmatched in WordPress. This is only possible because we built our sending service to handle the demands of WordPress. 

Fast, priority support

Our support crew maintains a 90% satisfaction rating. They’re the heart of our overall team. They answer your questions and have a big say in what improvements are prioritized in our plugin thanks to your feedback.

What features are in the free MailPoet plugin?

When you upgrade, you’ll still have access to all the features that make the free version of MailPoet great. Here’s a recap of what makes MailPoet really stand out compared to other free emailing solutions:

Fifty beautifully-crafted responsive email templates

We set out to create enough design styles so anyone, regardless of your industry or trade, could find inspiration and send good-looking emails. Pick a template you like and in no time you can tweak it to match your own brand.

Our email designer

Some people think it’s too simple. Others rave at its ease of use. Regardless, it’s made for you so you can save time while ensuring your emails still look fantastic.

Writing a newsletter is already a daunting task, so we made sure you don’t have to fight with the email designer. Quite the contrary, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Send welcome emails right after a visitor joins your list

We highly recommend that if you haven’t set up a welcome email already, you do it soon. Why? These emails get a lot of engagement because when a subscriber joins your list their attention span is still focused on you. So don’t miss your chance to impress them with your best content.

The list could go on and on, really! Test drive our demo to get a grasp of the simplicity of the MailPoet user experience.

Why use a WordPress plugin instead of, say, Mailchimp?

Because it’s painstaking copying and pasting your website’s content into a third party platform. So much precious time is wasted in this process:

  1. Copying your latest article from WordPress
  2. Switching tabs
  3. Pasting the article into Mailchimp
  4. Uploading images into Mailchimp, and then…
  5. Switching tabs and repeating the previous steps 20 or so times…

Creating a perfect newsletter is already a feat so you might as well do it where your content already lives — in your WordPress site. With MailPoet, it takes no time at all to drop your content into your email newsletters and his “Send”.

In any case, there are only a few free emailing solutions that we actually recommend for users who don’t have a WordPress site:

  1. We love Mailchimp and we recommend it all the time. 
  2. Sendinblue has a pretty good solution too. They’re good people, too.
  3. Tinyletter by Mailchimp is barebones, but it works.
  4. Revue, which offers paid newsletters.

What other free newsletter plugins are there?

MailPoet isn’t the only free email marketing plugin available for WordPress. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of plugins that have been around for a while:

Now that you’re aware of our competition, here’s what makes MailPoet different (and better!):

  1. MailPoet is used on 300,000 active websites (this includes the old version of MailPoet)
  2. We’ve got a ton of great reviews on
  3. We’re constantly making improvements with weekly releases
  4. Our support team goes above and beyond (again, check out our reviews)
  5. MailPoet employs a talented and passionate team of 13 dedicated souls
  6. We have a solid Net Promoter Score of 50

Summing up

We founded MailPoet in 2011 and our mission has always been to put email back into the hands of WordPress site owners. We continually strive to achieve this, and making MailPoet Premium free for users with less than 1,000 subscribers is part of this.

If you’re one of our free plugin users who has a small list, sign up and enjoy Premium features for free! There’s no catch — we want you to enjoy the Premium features I’ve listed above so you can grow your email marketing and make the most of what MailPoet has to offer.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!