Get Subscribers Before You Launch Your Next WordPress Site

Are you about to launch a site? This is a good time to get subscribers and create some hype.

John who codes the plugin Coming Soon Pro has just integrated Wysija.

Logged out visitors will see a “Coming Soon” page. Here’s my own test:

Example of a coming soon page.

It costs 29 bucks for a single site. A little more for unlimited sites.

I never thought such a plugin would warrant so many features. The user interface is easy to use, so no frustrating learning curve. Job well done.

How it works with Wysija

John took the time to create a screencast. Check it out, it’s ultra straightforward.

Download the free version

You can download the free Ultimate Coming Soon plugin from the WordPress plugins’ repository.

It has over 125 000 downloads and plenty of 5 stars which is pretty good.

Do note that it won’t work with Wysija though. Only the Pro version does.

Dozens of other choices

I’ve heard that there’s over 20 000 new WordPress sites every day. I don’t have a source for this figure, but it’s still scarry.

It isn’t surprising if you consider that WordPress 3.4 was downloaded 20 millions times. See the counter.

No wonder then there are dozens of “Coming Soon” themes and plugins.

A simple Google search gives us a few collections:

  1. WPKube’s list of 17 from 2012
  2. wplift’s own list of 25 from 2011

If you find one that is updated and should support Wysija, let us know. We’ll be happy to poke the authors. Let’s see if they’re as reactive as John.