Get in Subscribers’ Inboxes with DKIM and SPF Email Authentication

Email authentication is just a fancy phrase for things that help you avoid being labeled as spam. If you’ve ever tested the spammyness of your emails (which I highly recommend you do), you would have noticed there are two specific things that affect your spam score: DKIM and SPF. If you send out email newsletters […]

How Spam and Phishing Filters Work

Shortly after the internet was invented, the first spam email was sent by Nac to Krag, who was checking his email in the cave next door, encouraging him to deposit a substantial portion of his cache of woolly mammoth steaks in a drop box located (mysteriously) outside the entrance to Nac’s cave. Okay, that bit […]

Should You Buy Email Lists?

Buying an email list might seem like the perfect solution for increasing your brand or community group’s reach. Spend a few hundred bucks, and you get instant access to thousands of email addresses you can add to your list, right? You might be thinking that when you buy email lists, surely once you start sending […]

Why You Should Aim For the Gmail Promotions Tab

The Gmail Promotions tab continues to cause a stir amongst email marketers, though exactly why is misguided. You see, when you google “gmail promotions tab” you get 4.9 million results, and the top result is about how to keep your emails out of the Promotions tab. The problem is, you should be doing everything you […]

How the MailPoet Sending Service Helps You Avoid the Spam Box

If you aren’t familiar with the infrastructure underlying email technology, you might wonder – how exactly does it all work? Specifically, you might wonder – what is the MailPoet Sending Service? And why should you use it? But, above all – why is a sending service necessary in the first place?

Using Gmail to Send From WordPress? You Can’t

Are you currently using a free Gmail account to send your emails? You shouldn’t be, as using a freemail account will dramatically increase your chances of landing in the Spam folder. However, starting in June, you will actually be incapable of using a free Gmail account to send.