Why Are They Unsubscribing?

Ever wondered why some of your subscribers are opting out? We suggest you find out, especially if you have over 1% of unsubscribes in your recent newsletters.

Rest assured, it’s a good sign when some of your subscribers are leaving. You want to keep the engaged subscribers. It’s about quality above quantity, always.

I’ll guide you through adding a poll on your unsubscribe page in this post, like this:

Unsubscribe page with poll

Setting up a poll

The first step is to create the poll. We use a plugin called WP-Polls for this tutorial.

This plugin has been around for as long as I can remember. It works out of the box, and can be styled with a bit of patience.

You can use other solutions, like PollDaddy. You’ll need to have JetPack, or this dedicated plugin, to insert a PollDaddy poll on your page with a shortcode.

Once you’ve installed WP-Poll, you’ll want to add a new poll, like this:

Form to add a new poll

The choice of answers is up to you. In essence, you’ll want to figure out what you can do better in order to keep subscribers on your lists.

For example, if you’re sending daily newsletters, ask if your subscribers would have preferred a weekly or a monthly.

Create a new Unsubscribe page

To display the poll on your unsubscribe page, you’ll need to create a new page. This page will replace the default page MailPoet uses for your unsubscribe page.

Add New page, in the WordPress menu

In this page, you’ll want to add the appropriate title and text:

Add a new page which will be your future unsubscribe page

The shortcode will display the poll you previously created. Make sure that the poll ID is the correct one! You can find out the poll ID on the “Manage polls” page of the WP-Polls menu.

Go ahead and publish your page.

On old themes that don’t use the new menu system of WordPress, your Unsubscribe page will appear in your main menu.

Point MailPoet to your new Unsubscribe page

This is the last step. Go in your MailPoet’s Settings > Basics tab. There, you can choose a WordPress page as your unsubscribe page:

Choose your new unsubscribe page

Make sure you save your settings, and you’re all set.

Styling your poll

You’ll probably want to style your form to match your theme.

WP-Poll doesn’t allow you to edit the style sheet (CSS) from the admin. But you can change the HTML with a template system.

To do so, head over to the menu item Polls > Poll Templates.

The page has several boxes to modify different HTML parts of the forms. It can appear overwhelming at first, I agree.

In my case, I simply changed the following HTML tags in order have an unobstructive poll design:

  • I removed <ul> and <li> to remove the list styles
  • I removed all centered styles of the paragraphs
  • I removed the link to view the results on the voting page

You can hide the results if you want to do so in the HTML template as well.

Offer alternatives to follow

Some users might prefer to follow you on Facebook or Twitter instead of your newsletter.

The unsubscribe page is ideal to offer that choice, like this:

Follow buttons for Facebook and Twitter

You can use this free plugin for Facebook, and this other one for Twitter. Both use shortcodes, so you can publish them on your page without handling code.

This sums it up. Within one hour, you’ll have a more useful Unsubscribe page.

Don’t forget to check the poll results to learn more from your former subscribers!