6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing has a crazy high ROI. Recent estimates place it at 3800% on average.  This means there are plenty of opportunities for savvy business owners and organizations that send out email newsletters. There’s just one problem: The average internet user receives about 90 emails per day, with around 40 coming from businesses. So standing […]

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Constantly coming up with new ideas to fuel your blog and email newsletter can be challenging, and even exhausting! Indeed, developing content ideas is often cited as the single most significant roadblock to developing a rigorous and effective content marketing strategy. I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade, and online for seven years. My […]

Never Use a “No-Reply” Email Address (and What to Do Instead)

What email address do you use as the sender when you send messages from your organization or brand? Like many companies, you might use a no-reply email address. Many organizations use this type of address to dissuade customers from replying to certain emails, for example, receipts or marketing emails. There are some major issues with […]

10-Point Checklist for Writing Amazing Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is easy. But writing amazing blog posts? It takes a lot more time and effort to do well. Anyone can string a sentence together but it doesn’t necessarily mean that sentence will be any good or even make sense! In this guide, I’ll outline a few strategies you can follow to help […]

Should You Delete Your Social Media Accounts?

You haven’t looked at your business’s social media accounts in months. It’s understandable. You’re busy with the day-to-day activities of your company and simply haven’t had the time to create fresh content. The only problem is that the last message on your Facebook business page was posted eight months ago and you’ve managed to lose […]

Typography and Email: The Best Fonts, Sizes & Tips

How much thought do you put into your email typography? The fact is, no matter how beautifully designed your emails are, and no matter how well-written your copy, if your message isn’t instantly understandable it means your email has failed at its one job: to effectively communicate information. In fact, the fonts you use can […]