Newsletter Strategies for WordPress Consultants (And Their Clients)

Are you a WordPress Consultant? If you’re reading this newsletter, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that you are. According to our 2014 annual survey, about 25% of our users are WordPress consultants or freelancers. We don’t write for consultants as much as we should, but we’re working on it. (I promise!) In today’s post, […]

Using Gmail to Send From WordPress? You Can’t

Are you currently using a free Gmail account to send your emails? You shouldn’t be, as using a freemail account will dramatically increase your chances of landing in the Spam folder. However, starting in June, you will actually be incapable of using a free Gmail account to send.

How to Write a Great Subject Line

I’ve got a question for you: what’s the single most important part of an email newsletter? The subject line, of course. Why? Because it’s the single biggest thing that affects your open rate.

The Importance of Focus When Writing

In this post, we’ll talk about how to cut out distractions and focus on your writing. Let’s get to business – there’s no time to waste!

Last Minute Marketing Tips for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is rapidly approaching. Are you prepared? (We hope so!) Check out these last minute tips for sending an email newsletter on the biggest eCommerce day of the year.