10+ Top WooCommerce Email Marketing Tips & Strategies

In this article, I’ll share some of the top WooCommerce email marketing tips for small (and large) businesses. Email marketing is one of the most important marketing channels for a WooCommerce business. It plays a vital role at various stages of the customer lifecycle, including new user acquisition (welcome emails), user engagement (seasonal sales), and […]

How to Set Up Email Subscription for WordPress With Jetpack’s Subscriptions Feature

Jetpack’s Subscriptions feature lets visitors to your site sign up to receive notifications whenever you publish new blog posts. It’s by far one of the easiest ways to set up email subscriptions, and to start and grow a new email list for your WordPress site. Jetpack’s Subscriptions has many advantages, including: It’s entirely free! The […]

Top 3 SMTP Plugins for WordPress Compared (and How to Fix Emails Not Sending)

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to send emails in WordPress. In this article, we’ll discuss what emails WordPress sends, how WordPress sends those emails, what the top SMTP plugins for WordPress are, and why you should change the default WordPress setup to ensure your emails are actually delivered. Table of contents: Here’s a […]