Did GDPR Just Kill Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned carts have long been a prime remarketing opportunity. Users who abandon their online shopping carts before completing their transactions do so for a wide variety of reasons, some of which you have absolutely no control over. But reaching out to those users who simply forgot or got distracted has become a time-tested means of […]

Long vs. Short: Why You Should Keep Emails Short

There’s an old quote by Mark Twain: I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead. It’s a clever, witty quote (as you would expect from Twain), but it also illustrates an important point when it comes to writing newsletters for your business: keeping things short is a […]

The Lazy Admin’s Guide to Speeding Up WordPress (in Less Than an Hour)

You’ve got 60 minutes to speed up your WordPress site. What do you do…? For time-poor site admins, knowing where to start is half the battle. Simply googling “speed up wordpress,” brings up 197 million results—talk about overwhelming! From simple strategies like choosing a good web host through to more advanced methods such as implementing […]

What are Email Autoresponders (and Why You Need Them)

Email autoresponders are the quiet workhorses of email marketing. They toil away behind the scenes, working 24/7 to help automate your business. From first hello to loyal customer, they send your emails to the right people at the right time. They welcome new users, tell readers about your new blog posts, and continuously reach out […]

11 Things You Should Never Say to Customers in Emails

Emails that deliver great customer service can create an enormous and cost-effective boost for your business. Unfortunately, many small businesses neglect their email presence despite the fact that the vast majority of customer service these days is conducted online. This means that your email might be the most common way in which your customers interact […]

Why You Should Aim for the Gmail Promotions Tab

The Gmail Promotions tab continues to cause a stir amongst email marketers, though exactly why is misguided. You see, when you google “gmail promotions tab” you get 4.9 million results, and the top result is about how to keep your emails out of the Gmail Promotions tab. The problem is, you should be doing everything […]