How to Fix Issues with WooCommerce Email Not Sending

Are you having problems with WooCommerce email not sending? Unfortunately, it’s a common yet frustrating issue for store owners—but also one that can be easily fixed. When your emails stop working, not only does it affect your customers (“Is my order on its way? I didn’t get a shipping confirmation!”) but it can also impact […]

A Complete Guide to WordPress Welcome Emails (and Best Practice Tips)

A welcome email is like a warm cup of tea: It lets you greet a friend (in this case, a subscriber) who shares a common interest (i.e. your business) and gives you the opportunity to get to know each other. But unlike a cup of tea, welcome emails are capable of much more. With a […]

6 Anti-Black Friday Tips for Small Businesses

For many businesses, Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning started months ago. If you’re not one of those businesses, don’t stress! Not every business owner has the time and resources—not to mention the profit margin!—to run the kinds of sales you’ll see big businesses hosting this coming weekend. So if you’ve been procrastinating because you’re […]

The 4 Most Useful WooCommerce Email Plugins

Email is an essential part of running any WooCommerce store. From order confirmations and receipts to marketing messages and newsletters, email is how you communicate with customers. While WooCommerce has robust email tools built right into core, to send a greater range of messages, you need to integrate your online store with a WooCommerce email plugin.  In […]

How to Run a Free WordPress Newsletter (and the Plugins to Help You Do It)

It seems like everyone and their dog has an email newsletter these days. If you go back and check the last 10 sites you visited, I bet at least half of them have a newsletter. Is that a bad thing? No way! While all the opt-in forms and pop-ups you come across online can be […]

How to Package and Price Email Marketing Services for Your WordPress Clients

If you offer WordPress consulting services to small businesses (or plan to) then you’re probably already offering a range of services to clients, including website development, branding and hosting. You might also be offering some a la carte extras like site maintenance, SEO, and social media marketing. This is a typical service model for agencies, […]