Get Subscribers Offline

How about offline strategies to get subscribers on your list? Apparently, nearly half of marketers are already doing so, according to Marketing Sherpa, a research firm. The benefit is that these off-the-screen techniques are free, and they don’t require any technical knowledge either. They simply require a few human skills. It all comes down to this: […]

Improve Your Photos, It’s Easy

There was a time I encouraged everyone in my surroundings to learn Photoshop. Dreary idea. Nowadays, I tell people to use PicMonkey, an online photo editor which is both fun and easy. Most of its core features are free too. Let me run you through 8 photo editing steps that I usually do to all my photos. […]

A Wine Seller Gets His Newsletter Strategy Right

Below is thorough case study of how a small business can utilize newsletters to draw customers back into the store. WordPress freelancers and consultants take note. A newsletter strategy should be in all your packages. For example:Grow your audience, grow your businessCapture subscribers at the right time on your website and send them beautiful emails from […]

Make Your Subscription Forms Clearly Visible

Your subscription forms should stand out. While the majority of your visitors won’t subscribe, they must at least see it. In this post, I’ll cover some tips and tricks to increase the number of subscribers. This should be a priority for anyone with an active newsletter. Remember that those who subscribe, more often than not, […]

Baking Success with BuddyPress, and Newsletters

For our latest case study, I decided to reach out to one of our first ever users, Lynn Hill. Her newsletter needs, her site’s success, and her personal profile make her a good example for our readers.   When Lynn set out to start a local cake club, little did she know her initiative would […]

Mistakes We Spot in Your Newsletters

Ready to start 2013 with a few newsletter writing tips? I’ve subscribed to over 200 newsletters made with Wysija in over a year. This allows me to assess how good or bad some campaigns are. Let’s jump straight to my recommendations. I read text, not images It all begins with the subject line. What will […]