How the MailPoet Sending Service Helps You Avoid the Spam Box

If you aren’t familiar with the infrastructure underlying email technology, you might wonder – how exactly does it all work? Specifically, you might wonder – what is the MailPoet Sending Service? And why should you use it? But, above all – why is a sending service necessary in the first place? One great email solution […]

Once Per Month: A Guide to Creating Your First Monthly Newsletter

Creating a monthly newsletter is easier said than done. A great newsletter requires focus, strategy, consistency, determination, and a whole lot of other heavy-sounding adjectives. It can feel overwhelming to even the most battle-hardened marketing executive. One great email solution for your WordPressEnable MailPoet. Unlock possibilities. Get your audience back on your website thanks to […]

Frequency: How Often Should You Send Emails?

The eternal question: how often should you send emails? As with many things in life, it depends. Finding the perfect balance can be difficult – are you leaving money on the table by not sending enough emails? Or are you annoying your subscribers by sending too many newsletters? The number of emails you send largely […]

It’s a Visual World: A Guide to Finding Images for Your Blog Posts and Newsletters

You’ve finished writing an epic blog post. You’ve edited it, double-checked the quotes and sources, scheduled the publish date and even added it to your upcoming MailPoet newsletter. There’s only one problem: it’s a giant wall of text! Grow your audience, grow your businessCapture subscribers at the right time on your website and send them […]

Lessons in Writing Memorable Content from the Master of Wit, Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was unquestionably one of the most unique personalities of the nineteenth century. The author of dozens of plays, essays, novels, and other works, his combination of wit and individuality has made him world-famous for his clever phrases and funny insights. Craft the right message, at the right timeMailPoet offers a delightful email writing […]