How to Monetize Email Newsletters with the Advanced Ads Plugin

Adding advertisements to your email newsletters can help generate extra revenue for your business every time you send one out. Sounds great, right? Yet, not many businesses do it. So in this post, I want to show you just how easy it is to monetize email newsletters by adding trackable advertisements to your emails with MailPoet […]

WordPress Emails Going to Spam? Here Are 13 Ways to Improve Newsletter Delivery

If you’re sending emails from your WordPress site, you may have experienced issues with your WordPress emails going to spam folders. It’s an all-too-common and frustrating problem that can usually be traced back to sending via PHP mail. Similarly, if you’re sending transactional emails from your WooCommerce site, you also might be having problems with […]

How to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Did you know email open rates vary widely by industry? The shopping industry, for example, sits at an average of 41%, while emails sent by marketing and advertising companies are open at a rate of just 25%. Here at MailPoet, we class an excellent open rate as 30% or higher and a good open rate […]

Our Favorite Free WordPress Form Plugins for 2019

In this guide we’ll look at 3 of the most popular free WordPress form plugins and tell you our favorite: Ninja Forms Caldera Forms WPForms 2020 update: Gutenberg Forms has arrived! If you’re looking for a form editor that uses the block editor, we highly recommend checking out Gutenberg Forms. Find out more in our […]

WordPress not Sending Emails? 2 Easy Ways to Improve Deliverability

Issues with WordPress not sending emails are often more than just a mild annoyance. When your WordPress website’s emails aren’t delivered and don’t reach their intended recipients, it couldn’t be worse for your business. It means customers aren’t receiving important emails from you, such as account and reset passwords emails. If you run an online […]

How to Improve Your Email Click Rates

When you’re investing so much time into your email marketing campaigns, you want to know your content is engaging. And one of the best ways to track engagement is by monitoring your click-through rates (CTR). In Ascend2s state of email marketing report, 49% of respondents said improving click-through rates was the most important objective of […]